New Pricing Structure: April 16th 2014

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New Pricing Structure 

Currently we include The Quantum Geo Harness for FREE as part of the Quantum iLife/iNfinity Purchase for $997usd.

Also in the past we have offered various other apps as a promotional incentive for example The Quantum Life RIFE app, The Personal Balancer App or the Couple Compatibility App

 Moving forward we will no longer offer the Quantum Geo Harness FREE with purchase. This will be offered as an optional extra accessory for $150usd.

We felt that this is the better option as our aim is and always will be to ensure the Quantum iLife/infinity App can remain under $1000usd.

Until we officially release this announcement, we will continue to offer the following accessories with each and every purchase:

FREE Geo M Series Harness

Quantum Life RIFE app

And if you are reading this Blog Post, email us and let us know if you would like a copy of the Couple Compatibility App or Personal Balancer App... smile!


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