Multi Layer vs Balance Rx

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Jim sent me this link! Really enjoying..

Couple of things...
Set the timer down to zero and that will run the session indefinitely
The Balance rx and Multi Layer rx Tray are very different in that we see each panel of the program as a different layer/facet of the body. When using the Balance rx, it is designed for balancing items just on that specific page whereas the Multi Layer rx, you can add items from all the panels and then provide balancing at a later date.
Lets visualize this concept:
From the Davinci Screen, you decide to go to Toxicity Panel and run a SCAN.
The highest item in Toxicity Screen is Heavy Metal. You want to balance that now but "sense" this could be causing a host of problem related issue. So you drag to balance rx and balance for 3 mins BUT you also drag to Multi Layer rx tray for use at a later stage.
Now you go to Body Systems and run a SCAN and then see Lymphatic System are stressed and after speaking with client you decide the Lymphatic Stressors is related to the heavy metal toxicity. So now you drag the Lymphatic item to the Multi Layer rx. Next you decide to go to the Risk Panel and run a SCAN. The highest Rick is Degeneration. So now you feel the degeneration is linked to the lymphatic system which is also linked to the Heavy Metal Toxicity. All of these items are in the Multi Layer rx tray, select the timer for 3 mins and now you are balancing all these items in correlation to one another. Does this make sense? Basically the results you get in terms of harmony, alignment and energy flow will now be related to this combination balancing session.

The Geo's should be placed over any specific area where you want to provide localized treatment and balancing. So for example, you have a knee injury, place the Geo's directly over the knee. You want to balance the Brow Chakra, place the Geo's directly on the Brow

For general toning place the Geo's on the inside of the wrists, while for specific brain entrainment place them on either side of the head.


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This was a very good experience and time invested.
Knowing how to make better use of the Quantum Life app is definitely a high priority that needs ot be fitted into a busy life so webinar like this is a huge help!
Thank you Ryan and your team.

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I realized the difference with the balance rx and multi-layer. I use the balance rx for immediate serious problems but still keep them in the multi-layer for a complete finish balance at the end. By doing so I get the 528hz love sim..every time I do a treatment..even on animals!