Spiritual Protection Panel

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For items with a number near zero there is no need for correction/balancing? For large numbers in psychic attack for example, does this mean that there has been psychic attack done on the client or is it measuring fear of psychic attack? And is this the same for dark forces and entities?

When a SCAN is complete, the iNfinity or iLife is looking for the probability or a reaction for the respective tested items. It is then up the technician to apply this information to the clinical context of the client and discuss the results with the client. Relate the clients symptoms, emotions and reactions to the results displayed and ask yourself why the client has reacted to these individual items. In designing the APP, we could not create a "magic bullet effect" that a high number is the considered absolute and correct number. The APP will show the disturbance or probability and then you need to apply your own experience and clinical context. As an option it would be advisable to go to the AURA panel and review the colors there. If there are dark colors around the AURA, then this could imply psychic attack. Equally your client may seem anxious and concerned about psychic attack. In any case as it is a high number, you would want to balance the item regardless as if the client is under psychic attack or has a fear of psychic attack you would want to balance and address that specific issue.



Seeing that all works considering the level of how high the number is..that is what I do. I correct automatically whatever needs to be balanced. Clients believe in spirtual protection, thus no problem when I discuss this.