Ward Off Germs & Viruses Naturally

By Raising Your Frequency

Disease and its Frequency

On average, our body operates at a frequency range of 62 to 78 MHz depending on with area to focus on. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio had determined that the average frequency of the human body in the day time is 62 to 78 MHz.
Below is his findings of the human body frequency.
Body Frequency Chart pic
Below is the findings of the frequency of the basic diseases. 
Disease Frequency Chart pic
Taino's machine is 100% accurate and is currently being used in the agricultural field today.  

Keep Your Body's Frequency Up Above 62 MHz All Day with Intrasound Powder

Our 100% Ingestible Kaolin Clay Powder gives you a boost of energy as well as gently cleanses the body of harmful toxins or allergens.
intrasound powder pic   clay in a bowl pic
When you use the Intrasound Powder every day, you increase your whole body's frequency. With daily use, you are enabling the natural immunity of your body through energizing the cells to perform at an optimal energy level. 
As the energy is introduced to the body, it then creates the appropriate frequencies to rebalance and bring your energy level to a high rate above 62 MHz. Below picture shows almost 78 MHz in a short time after using Intrasound Powder.
Just once a day is all we need. 


Quantum Energy Test pic
Test was given 1 hour after using Intrasound Powder

Don't forget our Gels are an anti-bacterial agent

Gel Product Line pic
With all the worry about germs and bacteria, all of our Intrasound gels are anti-bacterial and very safe to use daily. Energetically, our Gels balance all the acupuncture points that it comes in contact with. Don't forget the Gel raises and balances the body's frequency as well.
Combined with the Powder, it completely balances, increases and energizes your body's energetic system for optimal recovery and low frequency prevention.