CAMunity Group 

In December 2012, Quantum Life was selectively invited to join CAMUnity Group with the vision of uniting the Quantum Biofeedback Community at large and begin the task of creating a centralized Quantum Biofeedback Group spanning all devices. Our collective vision was simple and the individuals involved were all heart centered and we all had a common goal. However it is with sadness that Quantum Life has chosen to withdraw themselves from this group.


CAMunity Group is about a global unification of holistic health practitioners supporting each other as heart-based conscious healers for the successful and sustainable growth and advancement of mainstream integrative holistic medicine.
It is unfortunate that due to circumstances beyond our control, CAMUnity's vision could not be realized. It is unclear what direction CAMUnity will take, however we sense that this project will be suspended until further notice.

Some New Apps Now Available! 

New App Now Available: RIFE Audio Frequencies
Android Only
(iOS available July 22nd 2013)

Our new App: Quantum Life RIFE Frequencies contains the entire database of all of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's frequencies as audio signal files. Select from the list any "dis-ease" then select the timer and generate the RIFE audio frequencies. It is that simple!


Preview Image 

Relationship Bio-compatibility App
Coming Soon
How Does It Work?
Well both individuals will record an audio file and then the harmonics are analyzed with a high number being the compatible number. It will also register the number of hits between each subject... Pretty cool!

  In speaking with some of our advisers and users, it was suggested we consider reducing our price on the Quantum iNfinity App. While our current competitors sell their product for $15 000usd, we have been hovering around the $1000usd mark. The general consensus is to adopt a pricing model which would not include any hardware accessories. What do you think about this? Would you prefer to purchase the Quantum iNfinity App for a lesser amount and not receive the Quantum Geo Harness (or any other of our fantastic accessories) or do you prefer to have the accessories included with the purchase?
Our thoughts regarding this proposal was for a few reasons, namely;

1: It is and always will be our aim to ensure that price never becomes an obstacle when offering a wellness tool to help balance and maintain one's current state of health.

2: A lower price point would be appealing to a larger audiience

3: Many of our current users have their own hardware accessories they integrate into the Quantum iNfinity App and may prefer using their hardware.

4: Currently, any purchasers in CA should be charged Sales Tax, however currently we absorb this cost. If a software is downloaded directly from the internet there is no Sales Tax... PERIOD! However if you include any hardware, Sales tax is applicable.

5: Many users use their own headphones which again offers our users an extra savings

6: Hardware accessories can always be added at a later stage.

Please let us know what you think.

Below are a list of our current hardware accessories:

Quantum Life "M" Series Geo Harness
Our "M" Series Sets A New Standard
And Stylish, Elegant and even SEXY
More Power....Stronger Therapy.....!
Neodymium Magnets placed within the Quantum Geo allows for the frequencies to "hold" for a much longer period of time!
(Similar to the Sports PowerBand Products)

The Quantum Geo Harness Mark 11

The Quantum Geo harness acts as a superb delivery system for the energetic signatures generated by the Quantum iLife.Plugs into your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android Audio Jack and attached to the clients wrists or placed on either side of the head.
When balancing is activated using the Quantum iLife Software, the sound frequencies are transformed by means of the Geo Harness into electro-magnetic frequencies which is then projected into the body through the Flower Of Life Sacred Geometrical pattern designed on the Quantum Geo.
                                                     Quantum Geo Harness "M" Series

Quantum iLife Chartes Labrynth Imprinter
Now you can import your own herbs, supplements and other products into the Quantum infinity software. You can also place items on the test plate and check for product bio-compatability.

Perhaps you have your own line of homeopathic remedies or nutritional supplements or essential oils? Perhaps there is a specific nutritional company whose products you highly recommend?
Now, you can import the energetic signature of all these items and test them against your client to identify which items offer the most bio-compatibility. 
Quantum iMprinter 

Quantum iLife Brain Wave EEG Analysis
Acts as a passive sensor device to monitor brain wave activity during the entire balancing session.
Ever Wondered How The Brain Adjusts To Quantum Medicine?
This problem was addressed with the development of the Quantum iLife EEG hardware. The benefit of monitoring the brain waves real time was two fold:
1. You can stimulate certain brain states (ex. theta) to enhance the healing capacity of the individual
2. To monitor real time, the brain activity, during sessions. Watching the various brain states slowly relax and attune to the entrainment is very powerful to both practitioner and client.

BlueTooth EEG Headset