Please follow the steps below to update your software to the latest Quantum iLife/iNfinity Software

On your device click on the Settings Icon
Scroll all the way down until you locate the Quantum iLife/iNfinity icon

Each icon will have a specific name. With the list below, identify the correct name of the icon and associated download link:

iNfinity Corp:

iNfinity Fr:

iNfinity KJJ:

iNfinity KW:

iNfinity MGW: 

iNfinity QT:

iNfinity QL: 



If your Quantum iLife/iNfinity icon says "waiting" please try the following options:
1: Tap the icon again and see if the "waiting" changes to "installing"

If your device has 3G or 4G (for example with ATT&T or Verizon) then you will need to turn off the 3G or 4G during installation.
In this instance go to Settings>Cellular>Turn off 3G or 4G
Then click on the installation link again

If this still does not work then please do the following:

1. Turn off Wifi
2. Turn off 3G/4G
3. Click the home button icon once to return to your desktop where all the icons are visible
4. Then double click the HOME button twice real quickly and you will see all the apps minimize to half the screen size (using iOS 7)
5. Using your finger, drag each app to the top of the screen. Repeat this process until all the apps (except for the main desktop app) have been removed. This just removes them from the cache files and does not delete your apps
6. Reboot your device
7. When the device powers back on, turn on Wifi only
8. Click on the correct software download link and you should be good to go

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