This is the weekend of the huge Mind Body Soul show in London and we are off to set the stand up tomorrow. Estimated 27,000 through the door, so fingers crossed.

To touch base with Di and Lynn please email Di goldsmith
If you have not updated to the new and improved Quantum iLife/iNfinity Version 10.1.7 then we suggest you do so via the following links below.

Our EEG is now working very well, we have added some new brain wave frequencies as well. Many bugs have also been fixed.

Over the next few weeks, we are adding an extra 12 panels to the Quantum iLife/iNfinity app as well as improving our sound tone generator and including a way cool harmonic frequency tone generator. All very exciting... Watch this space!

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We are still very much in our Beta Phase for our new relationship bio-compatability app. However like with all things new, we are always seeking Beta Testers. Would you be interested in acting as a Beta Tester and receive a FREE Compatibility app?

Here's How:
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Biodynamics: The Next Trend

If there's a single trend in how to grow wine grapes, it's biodynamics—admittedly an odd development for an approach based on a series of lectures given in the 1920s by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.
What is biodynamics?
At its most basic, the biodynamic approach to grape-growing sees the vineyard as an ecological whole: not just rows of grapevines, but the soil beneath them—an organism in its own right—and the other flora and fauna in the area, growing together interdependently.
Where biodynamics differs from other forms of organic or sustainable agriculture is in its idea that farming can be attuned to the spiritual forces of the cosmos. This might mean linking sowing and harvesting to the phases of the moon or the positions of the planets; it also might mean burying cow manure in a cow's horn over the winter, unearthing it in the spring, diluting a minute amount of the substance in 34 liters of water, "dynamizing" it by stirring it by hand in alternating directions for an hour or so and then spraying the mixture over one's vineyard.

Below is main link. Shipped 4 times a year

3 bottle club $75 to 100 per shipment

4 bottle club $100  to 125

Case club $210 to $300

We have received many calls and emails from our old Quantum Users about the politics within the Quantum Industry. Firstly, we want to ensure all of our Quantum iLife/iNfinity users, that you are all very far removed from this. In 2003, we saw the direction of what some of the companies we were involved with were taking and this did not resonate with us at all. We made the bold decision to break away from the "fold" and suffered years of threats and law suits. However we stood our ground and give thanks everyday for the hard decision we felt called to make. Well fast forward a few years and this industry we left is going through utter turmoil. While this does not directly impact our business, it has had a tremendous impact of many of our close friends and fellow practitioners. This saddens us and our thoughts and prayers are sent to the Quantum Biofeedback Community at large. Without getting into the politics, some of the original pioneers in the Quantum Industry have adopted a "god or angel" type of behavior and apart from forgetting who actually gave them the opportunity in the first place, they are now holding practitioners over a barrel financially causing unnecessary angst and pain. It is so sad, how some individuals, especially those "at the top" forget that without the practitioners supporting their product, they would have nothing. It never ceases to amaze me how some individuals forget about gratitude, once a certain level of success is achieved.

While we are outsiders and not privy to the daily antics it further strengthens our belief in our Quantum iLIfe/iNfinity Biofeedback Apps:

We are certain sanity will prevail and the Quantum Practitioners will take back what rightfully belongs to them

The Quantum Life RIFE app received a major upgrade recently.

This is not only an upgrade, it’s a whole NEW sound generation system based on bija mantra core frequencies. Actually it is far more work than the original RIFE Program.
We have been studying how to improve RIFE audio frequencies by observing nature and sacred languages such as Sanskrit, Hebrew and others.
In nature dolphins have overcome the frequency shift issue with complex holographic vibrational patterns.
Not surprisingly the same occurs in Sanskrit and other sacred languages in which each phenomena or mantra also codes a geometrical hologram that expands the limited audible spectrum frequency range to higher realms.
These geometrical patterns seem to be more complex in shape than the ones used by dolphins but they share the same core mechanism closely linked to what we understand by telepathy. We like to call it universal vibrational language (UVL).
We have combined the best of both worlds in order to generate these vibratory rates. that can resonate in the full spectrum using only audible sound tones. We call this a quantum sound shift (QSS)
With the above said, Quantum Life RIFE 2.0 will implement both QSS and Sanskrit in the sound generation module.

To download your Quantum Life RIFE updates please use the following links:


Welcome to new beginnings with Quantum Lifeline!  We have some family members who are now old enough and feeling inspired and enthusiastic to share their passions with the Quantum world.

Destiny our 16 year old daughter has been eating only raw, vegan foods for four months now and is feeling far more alive and vibrant from eating only ‘living’ foods.  As her mother, I was a little concerned about her not having a balanced diet, until she shared some videos with me that totally put my concerns to rest!  She even took the time to share with us some of her thoughts, dreams and aspirations.

"Hello, my name is Destiny and I am happily a raw vegan. I simply follow the 80-10-10 diet/lifestyle by Dr. Douglas Graham. He inspired me and opened my heart to a whole new way of thinking about what I eat. I also follow people on youtube for example, Freelee the banana girl. Check her out below...

and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram 

Look out for my 'Teen Scene' blog!  I'll be sharing healthy tips and recipes for a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

I am very thankful to my family because they taught me the lessons and steps to taking care of my body and well being and without them and what they shared with me, I wouldn't be where I am today, not just living, but thriving with life. I remind myself everyday of why I live and take care of myself.  I follow these 3 rules: Is it good for me?, Is it good for others (including animals)?, Is it good for our planet? Everything I do must follow these rules because I know it's for the best.  I also follow these guidelines for the way I eat:  Is it Whole, Fresh, Ripe, Raw and Organic? All this information reminds me everyday of the reason we are all here on this planet. I believe we are here to make the world a better place and that everything is a test we must eventually pass. For example, if you see a piece of trash on the ground, the test is simply:  Will you pick it up and do the best you can to help the planet?  Or will you leave it there and watch your home (the planet) fill with more and more pieces of trash?"

James our older 20 year old son is planning on becoming a sports therapy coach and would like to share what he has learned in this field…

"Hi, my name is James and I would like to share my perspective about Quantum Sports.        
While sitting in class pondering about a specific product/device to produce peak fitness, it started coming to mind, after brainstorming with the groups we were pared up with, that there are various methods and natural remedies available to both enhance health and also build more stamina and strength.  As we know, Biofeedback being a modern day technology which reads the body's overall state of health, can also feed back to the body corrective frequencies to enhance health, therefore intelligently assisting the body to heal quicker and more effectively.

I am very fortunate to be witness to some amazing testimonials from Quantum Life Practitioners over the years about products and devices that provide a holistic overview of what is and, promotes a beneficial lifestyle.  This has inspired me to go into the field of Quantum Sports Medicine.  I am learning more and more each day about the many reasons why people choose a natural approach to health and wellness.  I would love to hear from you personally, your experience and testimonials to help me further educate myself in this area of medicine.  Please email me at: 

Thank you"

I, Karen Williams, would like to share some revolutionary ideas for growing your own food as well as some health and wellness tips from a mind, body, spirit perspective.

Some of you may already be familiar with 'Tower Gardens'.....

These aeroponic vertical growing devices can hold 20- 28  plants with 3 foot diameter footprint.  The nutrient solution they use covers the nutritional needs of all the varieties of plants that can grow in a tower.  A pump set on a timer takes care of watering the plants on a regular basis---even if you are out of town.  They can grow most anything that is not a root, bush or tree plant.
For most people, the price of a tower would amortize in a year and then clean, organic, right off the tower produce is yours in future years for a fraction of the cost of other sources. If you are concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that they use a fraction of the water of traditional gardening while also saving on the energy costs of transporting food from a store or farmer's market.
Click here to learn more about how to have your own Tower Garden's

There are also some great business opportunities should you be interested in becoming a distributor for this unique product!  Please don't hesitate to contact me personally for more information at:

On another note, I came across a simple quote the other day and it made me really think about life…the quote was “Happiness is not about having the best of everything, it’s about knowing how to make the best of everything!” 

I guess it all comes down to living life as a Spiritual being and remembering the importance of kindness, caring, sharing, loving, accepting and forgiving…which reminds me of another quote I saw the other day…’Forgiveness Heals!”

Something very profound happens to our physiology when we forgive and let go of what’s blocking us, whether it be resentment or any other negative emotion, thought or feeling.

As we know, healing really does happen from the inside out and it all begins with our attitude.  When we approach situations with a loving attitude, everything falls into sync and a natural synergy happens…life happens!  We feel more at peace and more vibrant and alive :-)

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Halloween! 
In Loving, Health & Wellness,
The Personal Balancer App is not compatible with the new Apple iOS 7 Software Update. If you have yet to download your updated software, then please do so via this link here:

To learn more about the Personal Balancer app, you should watch this video above.

The Personal Balancer app or PBS was designed for the practitioner to sell to their clients to use in between sessions. The PBS offers no voice signature analysis. Instead it contains all the powerfull balancing frequencies that the Quantum iLife/iNfinity has. All the same panels just with no voice analysis.
The PBS can be installed onto a practitioners "spare" iOS device and leased out to their clients on a weekly basis. Furthermore the practitioner can activate and deactivate any of the panels within the PBS, to ensure their client only utilizes the panels that they specify to focus on in-between their client sessions.
This is a GREAT adjunct to any practitioner who wants to offer their clients extra support in-between their regular sessions and earn that passive income.