Neurotransmitters ~ A New Testing Possibility?

While we make no clams on the efficacy of our most phenominal awesome Quantum iLife/iNfinity product, one of our practitioners decided to compare her standard test results with the Quantum iLife/iNfinity results.... Check the results out here

Quantum iLife/iNfinity Test Results


As a company, we are passionate about offering training and support to ensure that you receive the best training and in turn get the best results with your Quantum iLife/iNfinity. To this end, we offer FREE basic training, offer manuals and tutorials for download.

As we begin to expand, it is our hope we will discover more users who have a "specific training perls of wisdom to offer." This is already evident with Suzan Covington, Ariel Policano, Dr. James, Dr. Dicks and now with Dr. John Char. It is our aim to identify many users who are willing to share their time and expertise with the Quantum iLife/iNfinity to help you be a better practitioner. When using the Quantum iLife/iNfinity there is no right or wrong way to utilize the App, people with different skill sets will use the App in different ways. It is our opinion that the more varied approaches you learn about, the more success you will achieve.

With the above said please take note of the following:

It is our aim that all trainings will be hosted on the website for review and purchase as an archived option.

We are currently working with a biofeedback certification body to offer you a certification in Biofeedback as well as the option of earning ceu's for the respective trainings you attend.

In reference to obtaining Dr. Chars categories to export these under the current dropbox feature will literally take all day as he has input so so many different categories. However there is tremendous value in all of these categories, so we are currently developing a system which will allow us to offer you his categories with the single click of a button. Until we have been able to develop this feature, we can not offer you a pricing for this service. Our engineer is away until December 11th, so please bear with us until we can investigate the manner in which we can do this.

While Dr. Char uses many different products in his clinic the Quantum iLife/iNfinity is his chosen modality together with all of his categories and libraries now available. Again, this is only an optional extra and certainly is not mandated. Once we have identified a manner in which we can offer you his categories, we will release more information. Please bear with us during this time.

Thank you

Quantum Life LLC