Start Date January 22nd 2015 
at 6:00 pm PST - 9:00pm EST
14 webinars at $55US per Webinar or, 
one time discounted fee of $725 US 

Each Webinar will be approximately 1 hour long 

Biological Medicine understands that there are often multiple hidden influences    that cause illness. What mainstream medical professionals often overlook in their examinations, diagnosis and treatment, Biological Medicine practitioners intentionally set out to find. Environmental toxins, chronic hidden infections and parasites, undetermined food allergies, poor diet and nutrition and interrelated dental medical problems are all meaningful factors considered by biological medicine practitioners.  
The mind-body connection is addressed and an understanding of why pathologies return sometimes year after year.  
How we unknowingly expose ourselves to toxins that we can easily avoid. 
The 6 steps to wellness explained in detail. 
Understanding the ecology of the body and how it gets our of balance.
This program delves into to 10 main factors found in almost every disease and disorder, and offers solutions that work.  
There are many biological processes working at the same time.  The relationship between these processes determine how the body is able, or not able to defend and heal itself.  Those doctors dedicated to Biological Medicine understand that the focus must be on identifying the problem processes within the body and not the symptoms that those processes are exhibiting.
Biological Medicine begins with the premise that your body wants to run efficiently and healthy. If it is not operating optimally, it is usually because an external or internal factor has derailed it. The body’s regulatory mechanisms are a complex balance. Biological Medicine views symptoms, degeneration and actual disease as stages of a gradual breakdown in these mechanisms.  We recognize that diseases have many causes and that no single medication will be able to restore health (balance).  We know that the body’s ability to heal can be reawakened if the underlying disease process is addressed and the body is given the support it needs to restore balance.
Proper Body Balance = Health
Biological Medicine is based on the idea that normal health is defined as a body in balance with its internal and external environments. Diseases and symptoms are rooted in the body being out of balance and not being able to restore it. This regulatory function of the body enables us to connect disorders and diseases with their biological processes. The process of regulatory mechanism breakdown is (in many cases) reversible, allowing us to move toward health at any time in our lives. Of course, Biological Medicine is not a fountain of youth. All of us will die eventually, but we can and should live happy, long and vital lives. Isn’t that what we value about health?

The Microscope
The microscope is possibly one of the very few methods of looking inside the body  non-invasively.  The ability to look inside and see for yourself what is going on and to show your patient as well is priceless.  It means no more guessing games about what the biology needs to get better, no more “try this and see if it helps” scenarios.  At last we have a method that has been tried and test for a hundred years that will enable you to learn more in a few moments than you could by other conventional means.

You may not need a microscope to complete this program, but in the near or distant future you will probably want to purchase one, of that I’m sure.  When you are ready feel free to contact us and we will guide you to the microscope company closest to you.
The cost for a good working new microscope will be approximately $5000.00 (give or take shipping and add-ons)  for the basic starter package with enough to get going and get a some experience. As you develop and learn to recognize more you still have the ability to transform the microscope into a more professional personal tool with all the bells and whistles that you can afford, and it will pay for itself within a year.

1st Webinar Homotoxicology (Three evenings)
1. Intro to homotoxicology & Rekewegs phases
2. Intro to Miasms & Environmental stressors
3. Emunctories and Bowel dysbiosis
4. Mercury in the mouth & Identifying and eliminating homotoxins
5. Identifying and eliminating toxins
6. Understand undiagnosed bacteria such as salmonella, cell wall deficient forms
7. Understand the effects of antibiotics, steroids, and microwave dangers 
8. Understanding the complications of fungal proliferation and vaccines

2nd Webinar Psychology of pathology (Two evenings)
1. Intro to pleomorphism and the cyclogeny of cells
2. The ecology of the body
3. The mind-body connection and 6 steps to wellness
4.  Multiple hidden influences that cause illness.
5. Observation of pathology
6. Understanding cancer and its relationship to fungus
7. Understanding ADD & ADHD and how to treat it 
8. Understand the cycle of pathology and morphology of disease

3rd Webinar Series pH (One evenings)
1. The cause of illness
2. Understanding why pH is so important
3. The findings of Dr. Carey Reams are introduced
4. Using nutrition to move pH
5. Understanding Blood and Saliva pH
6. Integrating pH in your treatment plan
7. Detoxing safely and Hormones imbalance

4th Webinar - An Introduction to the Microscope  Two Evening
1.  The microscope  and Set up with Terminology    
2.  Fundamentals of Pleomorphism & The life cycles of symbiotic species       
3.  An explanation of blood
4.  An explanation of Blood Typing
5.  An explanation of The Rhesus System
6.  Taking a layers blood sample
7.  Introduction to blood testing an taking live blood sample for testing
8. The causes of illness
9. Understanding why is pH so important?
10. The findings of Dr. Carey Reams are introduced
11. Using nutrition to move pH
12. Understanding Blood and Saliva pH
13. Integrating pH in your treatment plan
14. Detoxing safely and Hormones imbalance

5th Webinar - Intro to Red Blood Cells - you will learn how to recognize and understand the significance of the following:  (One evenings)
1.  Healthy RBC 2.  Haemolysis
3.  Helmet cells  4.  Parasitise
5.  Rouleau 6.  Ovalcytes 
7.  Shicocytes        8.  Platelets     
9.  Poikilocytes 10. Anisocytosis 
11. Acanthocytes 12. Protein Linkage
13. Macro  RBC 14. Dioekothecit

6th Webinar - Intro to White Blood Cells - you will learn how to recognize and understand the significance of the following;  (One evenings)
1. Granulocytes 2. Lymphocytes
3. Monocytes 4. Neutrophils  
5. Basophil  6. Eosinophil
7. B Cells 8. T Cells 
9. Natural Killer Cells 10. Band Neutrophils
11. Hyper-segmented Neutrophils

7th  Webinar - Bacterial Pathological Phase Forms;  (One evenings)
1. Ascits 2. Synascit
3. Mychits 4. Thecit
5. Chondrites 6. Target Cells
7. Parasites Advanced Pathological Phase Forms
- Parasite husks
8. Fungal Pathological Phase Forms
- Mycellian phase forms
- Fermentation 
9. Symplasts
- Colloid Symplast
- Plaque
- Protoplasts
10. Crystals
- Pteroharpen
- Crystals
- Brown Crystals/Blue Crystals
  White/Yellow/Orange Crystals, and Red

8th Webinar - Cell wall deficient forms  (one evening)
1. L-Forms
2. Mycoplasma
3. Lyme’s
4. Mesosomes
5. Macrosymprotit
6. Parasites and disease
7. Mucor Racemosus Fresen, Advanced Pathological Phase Forms
- Filit
- Spicules 
- Rouleau
- RBC Aggregation
8. Aspergillis Niger Van Teighem, Advanced Pathological Phase Forms
- Systatogenetic Processes
- Drepnoid

9th Webinar - OST - Dry Blood Analysis  (one evening)
A-Z of Dried Blood Interpretations,   Specific pathology morphology
Adrenal exhaustion, Thyroid dysfunction, Lymph congestion, Osteoporosis, Hormonal imbalance, Bowel dysbiosis, Bowel inflammation,  Periodontal indications, Virus and Herpi’s indicators, Breast cancer, Heavy metal indicators, Reproductive indicators, Vitamin C deficiency, Digestive dysfunction, and Fungus.

10th Webinar - Assessment of Client Condition & development of case studies
(one evening)
1. Background Medical Assessment  & Case Note Taking & Client Record Sheet 
2. Legal aspects regarding Case Notes  &  Report writing and morphology live.

The End