Ward Off Germs & Viruses Naturally

By Raising Your Frequency

Disease and its Frequency

On average, our body operates at a frequency range of 62 to 78 MHz depending on with area to focus on. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio had determined that the average frequency of the human body in the day time is 62 to 78 MHz.
Below is his findings of the human body frequency.
Body Frequency Chart pic
Below is the findings of the frequency of the basic diseases. 
Disease Frequency Chart pic
Taino's machine is 100% accurate and is currently being used in the agricultural field today.  

Keep Your Body's Frequency Up Above 62 MHz All Day with Intrasound Powder

Our 100% Ingestible Kaolin Clay Powder gives you a boost of energy as well as gently cleanses the body of harmful toxins or allergens.
intrasound powder pic   clay in a bowl pic
When you use the Intrasound Powder every day, you increase your whole body's frequency. With daily use, you are enabling the natural immunity of your body through energizing the cells to perform at an optimal energy level. 
As the energy is introduced to the body, it then creates the appropriate frequencies to rebalance and bring your energy level to a high rate above 62 MHz. Below picture shows almost 78 MHz in a short time after using Intrasound Powder.
Just once a day is all we need. 


Quantum Energy Test pic
Test was given 1 hour after using Intrasound Powder

Don't forget our Gels are an anti-bacterial agent

Gel Product Line pic
With all the worry about germs and bacteria, all of our Intrasound gels are anti-bacterial and very safe to use daily. Energetically, our Gels balance all the acupuncture points that it comes in contact with. Don't forget the Gel raises and balances the body's frequency as well.
Combined with the Powder, it completely balances, increases and energizes your body's energetic system for optimal recovery and low frequency prevention. 


Certification for the Quantum iNfinity!

We have had many requests about a national board certification for the Quantum iNfinity.   Integrity Biofeedback Academy offers the Stress Management Specialist Certification under the Natural Therapies Certification Board for Quantum iNfinity users and practitioners.    Brenda Judah and Sharron Oyer are certified biofeedback and stress management instructors with the NTCB both in North America and Europe.

We highly recommend you contact Brenda or Sharron at Integrity Biofeedback Inc. and Academy for more information about the Legalities of Biofeedback and their Certification courses and programs.   Email : integritybiofeedback@gmail.com    Phone:  (239) 221-8977

Stress Management Certification Program:  http://infinityedu.net/services
Education website:  http://infinityedu.net/services

PFG2Z – 10 MHz Precision Function Generator

Main Features:

  • Spectrum: Up to 10 MHz (10,000,000 Hz)
  • Limited Mac OS Support*
  • 100% New Hardware Design
  • 100% New Control Software
  • Connects to computer via USB (available on all modern type of desktop or notebook computers)
  • Light & Small: PFG2Z is the size of your palm and about 6oz (170g) in weight
  • 100% Compatible P3, PPLED, iCS and Experimenter Kit (PMR)
  • High impedance output for contact applications via electrodes
  • Arbitrary waveform generation and creation
  • RoHS Compliant

 Starting October 1st, 2011, all the products benefit from 3 years (36 months) limited warranty, which includes parts and labour. Free shipping on the first 90 days.

Product Description:

The PFG2Z is a radical evolution over our prior signal generation systems and designs with enhanced capabilities and functionality gained largely as a result of private research and advancement in the technology itself. Special user needs, requirements, requests, feedback, desires and investment in a long term modular design now exhibit themselves in the form of the PFG2Z.

Small Sized

The first thing one may notice is the exceptional small size. This is largely due to VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and surface mount technology. The case itself is a very ergonomic and easy to hold, having light grey, non-slip, rubberized trim for a very clean and classic look. A major effort was undertaken to electronically redesign, removing virtually ALL “heat generating” components effectively allowing for long or continuous run-times desired in some applications. As with the PFG (v1), no mounted control or switches are present or needed; this is performed by intuitive onscreen GUI (Graphical User Interface) controls.

USB Connectivity

While the current PFG (v1) continues to utilize the IEEE 1284 (parallel) interface, this particular port is often being omitted from newer computers as a cost and power savings scheme by many manufacturers, although it remains a laboratory standard for scientific equipment communications. The capabilities of IEEE1284 exceed the needs of most users and we have adjusted accordingly. The capability of USB is quite sufficient for this particular device and adds considerably to the ease of installation and connection for the end user.

Universal Power

Maintaining PT’s design philosophy of worldwide interoperability anywhere needed, a multi-voltage (auto switching) power adapter is shipped with the unit. This power unit is only required when using the unit in contact mode for electrode drive circuitry. When using the PFG2Z as a controller for plasma drive signaling circuitry, sufficient power is obtained directly via the powered USB port or powered USB hub.

Arbitrary Waveforms

Like its predecessor, the PFG2Z is a true arbitrary waveform generator, allowing for more accurate manipulation, control, and even unique “design” of the waveform itself. Our research has repeatedly indicated this important aspect has a significant impact on effectiveness. Individual waveform characteristics are programmable on an individual frequency basis.

Two Output Signals

As on PT’s PFG (v1), the PFG2Z has 2 distinctly separate signal outputs. The BNC output is suitable for low impedance and calibrated signal levels typical for connection to electronic equipment such as the P3 Plasma Unit. A second smaller output connector is provided for exceptionally high impedance loads such as what one would encounter in contact applications. This latter output is exceptionally higher than the level available in the original PFG (v1). This output level is of course, also programmable on an individual frequency basis. This higher level capability is the result of requirements and desires made by professional practitioners and researchers.

100% New Software

PFG Lab (v1) is the latest suite of sequencing control software ideally suited for controlling, maintaining, editing, and archiving large numbers of script libraries for resonant frequency and pulsed plasma research. This next generation system has been originally designed for the PC market, but has already been validated to work on Apple / Macintosh and Linux operating systems using 3rd party software like Parallels Desktop, Codeweavers Crossover, Wine and other.

Hardware Concept

Although all unique uses can never be foreseen, great care has been taken in hardware design to allow for modifications to be made at the software level, increasing ranges, capabilities, and features without the need for physical hardware “upgrades”… but rather by downloadable software updates or specialized/customized versions of the software.

Unit & Accessories

The PFG2Z unit is shipped with PFG Lab software and documentation CD, switching power supply, color coded pin-probe electrode cable, 6-10ft electrode extension cable, and multi-use/disposable electrode pads with source for convenient reordering if needed. Special power adapters and custom cable assemblies are available upon request to better interface with your unique applications.

RoHS Compliance

Although ironically not required in the USA, Pulsed Technologies has taken great care in our component selection, manufacturing processes and strategic affiliates, to maintain the absolute strict standards for this environmental impact initiative. We believe voluntary compliance is essential for the overall health of this planet. We are proud to say we have been in compliance through our design and planning even long before this initiative became a requirement other places in the world. We can only hope that others realize the importance and likewise do their part to prevent as many hazardous substances from our environment via better selection, planning, and “selective” purchases. The PFG2Z with PFG Lab represents the next generation of specialized signal generation and control for resonant frequency and precision pulsed plasma applications in a truly convenient and portable package.

CE mark (European Conformity)

Pulsed Technologies has started the process of obtaining the CE mark in regards to the conformity assesments procedures provided for in Directive 73/23/EEC on electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits. This process has been started for the latest product, PFG2Z. As of June 2010, the new PFG2Z is assembled entirely in Romania (member of European Union).
The PFG2Z is excellent device to be used with your computer as a highly configurable contact device and later, as your needs grow, as a precision controller for a more complex plasma device. Operation and software are relatively the same for either. When also considering the software and hardware design concepts incorporated into the unit, the PFG2Z should be considered an ideal investment for both now AND the future!


  • Frequency range: from 0.1 Hz to 10,000,000 Hz (10 MHz)
  • Crystal-based stability
  • Optically isolated from the PC
  • Low sine wave distortion
  • Direct digital wave synthesis (DDS) of waveforms
  • Includes Windows integrated software for the function generator (PFG Lab v1.0)
  • You can create your own waveforms with the 3rd party waveform editor
  • Function generator screen with waveshape preview
  • Frequency resolution: 0.1 Hz
  • Vertical resolution: 8 bit
  • Waveform horizontal resolution: 8 bit
  • Low Impedance Output Impedance: (BNC) 150 ohm
  • Low Impedance Output Voltage: (BNC) +/-10v (20 Vpp.)
  • High Impedance Output Voltage: (Pad 3.5mm jack) app. 40 Vpp.


  • Device Dimensions: 160 x 89 x 25 mm (6.4″ x 3.5″ x 0.98″)
  • Weight: 1lb (500g)
  • Power supply: 24v AC-DC Power Supply (110/220 VAC)
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4 to 158 F (-20 to 70 C)
  • Operating Humidity: 10 to 85% Noncondensing
  • Storage Humidity: 5 to 90% Noncondensing

Package Contents

  • USB cable
  • Setup CD-ROM with PFG Lab software, manuals, documentation and resources
  • Quick Installation & Setup Guide, User Guide/Software Manual on CD
  • 2 sets of 4 electrodes (pads): 2”x2”, self stick, high quality, reusable
  • Pin probe cable & extension cable for electrodes
  • AC-DC Power Supply (110/220 VAC)


  • Desktop or notebook computer with USB port
  • Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/Me/98/95 or Max OS X*

Apple MacOS Support:

We invite you to join us for 
'Feature Friday'
 Friday, July 15th @ 9am PDT
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Host - Karen Williams
This Week's Special Guest - Andrew Scheim

About Andrew Scheim   
During this webinar Andrew will be sharing information with us about the Blue Z Water.  Andrew joined us at the Quantum Consciousness Conference in Sedona, where he presented extensive research and the amazing healing capabilities of this product. 

Blue Z Water is a master cleaning tool for both body, mind and soul.  We all are witnessing environmental toxins growing to unprecedented levels. Awhile back, I came to realize, that my existing protocols needed to go the next level to match this environmental onslaught. I went into prayer and meditation asking for “something that would permeate everywhere in the body and grab up toxins as they entered my body.”  The very next day I discovered Blue Z Water.

What is Blue Z Water?

It’s a  super concentrated, water based solution of ionic minerals made from a type of crystalline deposit called Biotite also known as Black Mica. The mother concentrate from which this product is made comes from extracting mineral salts from a Biotite deposit. These minerals are then diluted in purified water and bottled as a liquid based water purifier.

Black Mica is a mineral miracle and the foundation for the alchemy of Blue Z WaterWhen activated it transforms toxic water to pristine water.  Black mica provides hot springs with it’s sulfur rich healing minerals and is the manna spewing from the deepest volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean. Black Mica layers are held together by potassium and this concentration of potassium inside the Mica is almost exactly the same as the concentration of potassium in our cells. Further, the negative ion structure of Black Mica is identical to the phosphate group structure of the RNA in our cells. Our DNA structure is identical to the molecular structure of Black Mica.  Black Mica has been called “Mineral Sunlight” by scientists as they discovered that Black Mica vibrates at the exact same frequency as sunlight, which explains why sea life survives at the deepest part of the ocean.  It vibrates at 10,000 vibrations per second – the same frequency at which cellular life thrives.

Drinking Blue Z Water is like hitting the cosmic “search and replace” button. It “searches” for the massive array of toxins found in your body, cleans them, and then “replaces” them with this living miracle black mica mineral matrix that sustains all life! This water has three major dynamic actions:

  1. Provides comprehensive detoxification due to conversion of water molecules to activated oxygen. This becomes a 24/7 circulating filtration system capable of removing virtually every form of toxin from your body.

  2. Transforms ordinary water into structured water creating superior hydration. This is called the fourth phase of water also known as H3O2.

  3. Supplies foundational nutrition by furnishing essential trace minerals in superior ionic form.

  Dr. Asao Shimanishi, the creator of this super mineral solution, states in this speech:

“My original thought was to take advantage of this oxygen’s presence in water that carries energy called “ion”, which the oxygen in the air does not carry. By activating this oxygen, thus increasing the power of oxidation, I could stop the rotting process of organic matters within the water (the reverse of reduction state of oxidization) and pull away the contaminants through the process called Agglutination ………So rather than working with the Dissolved Oxygen, we thought of activating the oxygen within the water’s molecules, to create radical oxygen, called -OH by introducing  minerals in an ionized state. It was our fortune that we have succeeded in making this a reality.”

In essence, he was able to convert ordinary oxygen in standing water into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen becomes the key component for cleaning the toxins contained within the water. Then the minerals facilitate the removal of all by-products of the cleaning process (agglutination).  Finally, this super mineral solution provides essential nutrients for soil, plants, humans and animals.

To gain a deeper understanding of this product please click on links below:

  • Please click on this link  for a short interview with the inventor of this miracle water solution, Dr. Asao Shimanishi.

  • Please click here for a free 80 page e-book by Dr. Hisatake Nojima,  M.D.

  • Gerald Pollack and his team of researchers from the University of Washington are considered the leading scientific experts in structured water. There is a vast array of information on structured water. A good place to start is here.

For More Information Please go to Bluezwater.com

To Order Please Click Here

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Host - Karen Williams
with Dr Denny Thompson 

 Join us for this spectacular webinar with Relationship Specialist Dr Denny Thompson...
'The Love Doctor of Mind, Body Relationship Medicine
And Emotional Intelligence'
About Dr Denny Thompson  During this webinar, Dr Denny will share his vast experience and 'magic' with healing relationships, with ourselves and others.  Dr. Denny Thompson is a chiropractor, a holistic philosopher, practicing acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner. He has been in practice for almost 30 years. Dr. Denny’s post-graduate studies include Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology, energy psychology, Enneagram training, sports medicine.  Dr. Denny is an author of 3 books. “Ayurvedic Zone Diet”, “The Twelve Ways of Love”, and a mystic relationship novel “Natural Love”. His next work is “Relationship Medicine” soon to be published.  He also has a Music degree and is a jazz guitarist. 

In practice Dr. Denny has worked with all manner of patient complaints and conditions including putting together a two week healing program for cancer patients called Holistic Healing Intensive: Rest and Repair.
His main interest though has been in the field of relationships and he has studied in depth the effect dysfunctional relationships can have on our body that ends up creating our illness. From this insight he developed the philosophy behind Mind Body Relationship Medicine. He added the word Relationship to the popular idea of mind/body medicine because relationships are the universal stress factor in everyone’s life.
After several years of practicing holistic medicine as a chiropractor, he came to the conclusion that one of the most important yet overlooked factors in a person’s illness was their relationships. Good relationship can nurture you while bad relationships can create havoc to your life and especially to your health. Some trauma practitioners tried to address the emotional component of illness with varying techniques and that was helpful, but there remained a hole in approach. 
From this very eclectic background Dr. Denny discovered what he now calls Relationship Medicine.  He teaches his patients how to handle the difficulties of life by understanding their unique Relationship Codes and gaining Emotional Intelligence Mastery. He has created a seminar that teaches these practice called LoveCodes 101 and Relationship Medicine System.  Read more...

Contact Dr Denny:
Please email karen@quantum-life.com with information about what you would like to share or just request to be unmuted on the webinar and share spontaneously!

We invite you to join us and share what you have learned and experienced, using your Quantum iNfinity, every Wednesday at 5 PDT! 'Sharing is Caring' and we all have lots to share with using this amazing and very intuitive tool 'The Quantum iNfinity!'  


The BIO -TWINS are easy to use, just hold them in your hands… you won’t want to put them down. Just plug the audio cable from ‘the Twins’ into your mp3 player or any other audio device,  The results begin immediately. You feel better in every way by the day. They fit in your pocket and you can use them on the road, and strolling around town. While sitting at your desk and even while meditating The are always silent. So you have them with you everywhere…
The ORBIE BIO-TWINS have the most delicious sensations and feelings. These FEELINGS  are experienced throughout the body and the brain. These SENSATIONS are produced by the STIMULATION of the specific vibrational frequencies. Resultant sensations are the response of the body, brain and energy fields. 
THE ENTIRE KIT COMES WITH :1 SET OF BIO-TWINS AND 2 CDS mp3 FILES One Cd with 12 situation specific mp3s and the second Cd is a 45 minute audio instruction. Each specific mp3 is 4 minutes in length. They are designed to be played on auto repeat, or continuous play. An individual session is considered to be a duration of 20 minutes . Yet there are excellent results with less then and even as much as 1 or 2 hours.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 4.13.42 PM


I invite you to join me here for few minutes as I share with you my adventure with the creation and development of ORBIE the Bio-Twins. This creation is a very simple and easy to use device. You know the people who are attracted to The Bio-Twins appreciate that it is not complex  to use in any way. And still amazingly effective.
You just plug the cable into your audio player. Turn on the selected audio program from those provided with the kit and hold the hand modules in each hand, sit back and experience the silent delivery system that infuses into your physical and energy bodies the vibratory frequencies that match your desired results.
This email report is from an ORBIE Enthusiast in Athens Greece
Dear Dr. James,
”I just came back from work. I was thinking of you all morning and wanted to come back home to write to you feedback regarding the Slim and Lean Audio apothecary. I am impressed with this Audio apothecary. You see, I was a bodybuilder and I can notice even the slightest changes in my body and to the body of others. I use this apothecary for four days now. The first day, I used it for two hours and twenty minutes and 40 minutes the rest of the days. Actually I have strapped to my chest the ORBIE, doing the slim and lean apothecary right now that I am writing this email. I am 44 years old, and had some stiffness due to aging and office work. Since I started the apothecary, I feel my body loosening up. I feel more agile and light. I feel my muscles being more “energized” and ready for immediate action. I can describe that as better muscle- brain(s!!) connection. I do feel a distinct pulsation to my coccyx and sacrum as well as a pulsation to my solar plexus. I feel more energy without being agitated. I feel less tired. When Iwas coming back from work in the evenings, I was tired. Now I do not feel tired at all and I can stay active up to 12 at night. My sleep has become more deep, continuous and qualitative. I sleep without waking up during the night. Before the apothecary, I needed 8-9 hours of sleep to feel rested and even so, in the evenings I was tired. Now, I feel rested with 6 hours of sleep and in the evenings I still have energy. I have reduced my coffee intake. I drink 1-2 coffees when in the past I was drinking 3-4. I do not feel I need the coffee that much anymore for being stimulated. One coffee suffice for getting my kicks.  Mentally, I feel more in control. Neutral. And I feel more confident and strong. And the amazing part is, that my muscles all over the body, are toned in a way that it happens when you have just started lifting weights. I do not work out at this time, yet but my body has started to become “firmer”, “tighter” if you know what I mean, plus I do think that some body fat has been reduced from my belly and my sides”
       Dr. James Thanks!                               
     Looking forward to reporting further progress”” Yours, George

images-1In this case we will be working with a program designed as the result of over 20 years of practical hands on research and development and real life application with clients.

REALITY SCULPTING This program is designed to cause the physical body to restore the youthful tendencies of the body systems and function to maintain and supportthe slim, lean, healthy, robust regenerative profile of our early years. Therefore This Weight Loss and Regeneration Protocol, must by it’s very nature activate over all robust health, vigor and positive emotional interaction with all the areas of life.

Orbie feet
To do all this I discovered an effective approach to impacting all the systems, functions and full brain integration that naturally are already designed at essence For all of us to do just this.
By creating these Audio Apothecary audio files I have made use of cutting edge computer and audio technology to discover and translate the needed results to produce this ultimate Weight loss and Regenerative effects I focused only on the outcomes I observed only the actual results and not theory or scientific guesswork justconsitant effective results. This technology of combining the Silent Delivery System of ORBIE The Bio-Twins ( the be clear there is no audible sound produced at all only non audible vibration) Combining ORBIE with the Frequency Specific Protocols of the Audio Apothecary has some profoundly effective and broad spectrum impacts on the entire body brain reality of people in general.

brainanin2By using the capacity of cutting edge digital computer technology it is now possible to translate any desired result or out come into a vibratory frequency unique signature profile


Bonus results included with the ORBIE Bio-Twins Kit

is an experience of 360 degrees transformation

  •  Energy to stay strong and consistent in your daily tasks!
  • Refreshing sleep, awaken recharged
  • Prepare and recover drom exercise /workout
  • Pain and stress remover
  • Lift  your mood / clear anxiety and depression
  • deepen meditation and accelerate your desired transformation
  • Detoxify and restore clarity of focus.



All of these benefits are included in the Weight Loss, Regeneration Mp3s

We include these as separate audios as well because it is good for you to be
able to handle these specific situations quickly and effectively so you can
enjoy the new life style that the Reality Sculpting process allows you to experience
without effort or frustration or former limitations of the past.

For instance to produce the extensive level regenerative function of the entire body. It is necessary to activate full organ and body system functionality to prepare the body for and support the continual functionality of for instance the entire lymph system. By identifying in detail the various components and aspects of the lymph system when at its healthiest regeneration supporting levels. We have studied and discovered the actual messages that need to be sent to the entire lymph system to produce the needed results. We then translate these required messages into pure digital frequency through the computer translation into it’s specific unique signature profile.

By taking these Unique Specific Signature Profile Audio Apothecary translations and then transmitting these silently to the ears but not silently to the energy fields, meridians, or nervous system of the body which then act as conduits of information to effect simultaneously the organs,systems, from the cells to the molecular level and to the level of your quantum particles. Vibration and signatures frequency by it’s own nature can effect and restore or recreate functions and desired results when infused into the fields in a way that by passes any interferences that can inhibit the assimilation of supplemental nutrition for instance. We can now speak directly to the body and all of it components through non verbal, non auditory signals and messages that literally cause the rearrangement of the previous signal messages that have been in place which cause degeneration and weight gain especially as you get older.


The simplicity and functionality are designed to make This system extremely user friendly. Sit any where and hold the ORBIE hand modules in each hand and allow the vibrations to speak directly with your cells, by passing emotional , mental, and physical blocks and interferences. Experience benefits from the very first session. This is not to say you will notice immediate changes in body size or weight. But because it is required to bring the entire physical system into coordination and full healthy function to produce the desired weight loss outcomes . We have observed and experienced that people experience feeling changed in some positive way from the very first session . Reporting, uplifted attitudes, positive energy impact freeing of negative emotional states and so much more. That during the use of ORBIE for 20 minutes a day or as much as you enjoy. there are no contraindications. there are no magnetic or electromagnetic inteferences to be concerned with. In short ORBIE Bio-Twins are simple easy to use and fun to enjoy as you effortlessly regenerate and support your restored youthful figure and body and actually effect positively your whole life starting from your first moments with ORBIE in your hands.



Now through the amazing developments in technology and consciousness over the past 12 years the ORBIE Bio-Twins go even further into assisting you in keeping your physical body strong, your emotions stable, your mind clear and inspired and your spirit reaching for the truth of the stars.
Now through the amazing developments in technology and consciousness over the past 12 years the ORBIE Bio-Twins go even further into assisting you in keeping your physical body strong, your emotions stable, your mind clear and inspired and your spirit reaching for the truth of the stars.
   REALITY SCULPTING   is the description Given to the process of utilizing frequency as non audible vibratory impacts and results to recreate the experience of living.It is commonly Known that our reality is not physical in nature at all. It follows as well that the outcomes in our life are also essentially vibratory action in truth. When you use the Bio-Twins you are presenting a strongly focused intention of desired results to initially remove the previous unwanted results.
This is simple to understand: The unwanted standing reality results that are occurring for us are primarily implanted without conscious choice and vibrationally imprinted into the blue print level in our energy field. These fields of pulsing, energetic, essential information are the actual make up of every aspect of our physical body  from the surface all the way to the quantum particle level within the cells and molecules. The synergistic combination of energetic information is in a 2 way communication with the environment as a sea of many fields of influence that attach and cling to our own fields. This ongoing attachment of seeming external influences has the effect of reinforcing and also changing our individual energetic signatures on a continual basis within the world in general.Once the prevailing patterns have been disassembled by the initial impact of the ORBIE frequencies then the selected frequencies replace the previous information with the new information. and the results( i.e. Slim , Lean body ) are installed .Through repetition of these new vibratorymessages then reinforcement of the desired results becomes stronger than former unwanted Outcomes. THE LONGER YOU HOLD THEM  THE BETTER IT GETS! Sign up below   to receive your free mp3 water and food clearing frequencies now! Just play the audio through speakers,  into your food or beverages and clear toxins so easily using the principles of vibrational resonance as demonstrated by cymatics. Email course and timely updates.Name: 

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