“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has been (for quite some time) studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality.
What is consciousness? Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how we perceive our world, our thoughts, being aware, our intentions and more. Read More...
Energy medicine is at once time-honored and new. Whether using traditional forms like acupuncture, t’ai chi and reiki or modern applications such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), magnetic, vibrational or music therapy, working with the human energetic system to create wellness is an esteemed practice that produces tangible results. Read More Click Here 

Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We’re Living in the Matrix

If you found out that we are all living in the matrix, would you take the blue pill and live a pleasant illusion or take the red pill and live in the harsh real world?
In this video Joe Rogan and Nasa Physicist Tom Campbell discuss a wide range of topics that centre around the simulation theory and the theory that our universe might just be a hologram. If we as humanity are going to evolve we need to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and also our inner-selves. Tom hits the nail on the head when he says that ‘Love’ is the optimal way for people to interact, this is only way humanity can experience real spiritual growth.
By Kelly Brogan
Want to know the key to lasting wellness? It's leaving conventional medicine behind.
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Naomi Stephan PhD   Sue Moore LCSW
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Dear Friends and iNfinity Family,
We at LMA are delighted you’ve received a complementary copy of the Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose Workbook, the companion to our Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose textbook. In this easy lay-flat format, we supply with you thought-provoking exercises designed to lead you to your mission goal. You determine when to set time aside, how long you need for each session, and by what date you want to finish. There is no right or wrong, only your resolve to achieve what you desire. We do recommend you keep the workbook for yourself, using an erasable ink pen or Nr. 2 pencil. Based on 33 years of experience, we urge you to the adhere to the space/page we have given for each exercise. Remember, less is more is your greatest tool for success.  

Over seven years ago, we moved to Germany to expand our message abroad. A German version is in process, and a Spanish version for the future. We consult by email and telephone. For the first 10 emails to lmahelp.@aol.com we offer a free 15 minutes consultation. State in 150 words or less something informative about yourself and your major life goal. Be specific and succinct. Include your name, time zone, country and two convenient times to reach you (not counted in the 150 words!). Confirmation is by email. We wish all of you good luck in your mission process!


Naomi Stephan and Sue Moore

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Naomi Stephan is an author, composer, consultant and educator. In 1982, together with Sue Moore LCSW, she launched Life Mission Associates, a counseling and consulting firm. The concept that everyone has a personal mission was new and groundbreaking at that time.
During these 33 years from Santa Monica to Ojai, CA and now Germany, Naomi has guided thousands to discover their mission via seminars, speeches, tapes, private consultations and the book Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose. At client request, Naomi and Sue designed a companion FYSP workbook, intended for group work or home use. Should individual issues or questions arise, Naomi can to provide you with further assistance. 
 Naomi’s mission is to help you find a sound life by identifying your unique purpose. Manifesting that divine imperative will help you and your loved ones heal.
Presently, Naomi consults by phone and email with clients worldwide.

  Sue Carroll Moore, LCSW, ASCAP

Sue Moore, psychotherapist, playwright,  poet, and her long-time collaborator Naomi Stephan, co-founded Life Mission Associates in May of 1982.  For our work with clients we developed two unique self-help tools:  The Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose Book and companion Workbook.

The workbook grew out of my perspective and experience with individual therapy clients, workshops, an ongoing group and from Naomi’s book and her teaching background. A modular, step-by-step design, chock full of nitty-gritty exercises, guides you to a well-defined mission statement: Your unique abilities, blocks, temperament and personal dream are all accounted for.

Our journey with LMA has taken us to many wonderful destinations and dedicated people in the US and Canada,, and now to Germany. We are always available to consult by phone or email and look forward to hearing from you, our fellow travelers, about your progress and success.

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Frequency is an expression of consciousness or energy that allows nature to organize matter, atoms, and subatomic particles into patterns and sacred geometries. Frequency also has the ability to affect the behavior of energy. Because frequency has the ability to affect how matter and energy animate, it can be used to fix the distortions in the energy structure of your body and thus healing it at its core. To read more Click Here