Holidays are approaching, and for most that means STRESS, STRESS, and more STRESS!  This is a great time to talk to your family, friends, and clients about the impact of stress and the use of the iNfinity for STRESS REDUCTION!  

STRESS  -  the root cause of ALL physiological symptoms, and thus the place to begin!          
DE-STRESSING THE BODY through biofeedback stimulates the body’s own self-healing mechanism.   “Stress:  The Silent Killer” will explain the “physiological players”  that can be energetically balanced to create immediate stress reduction for yourself and/or your patients/clients.

This course will teach you:

  • The effects of emotional stress on the peripheral and central nervous systems (including the autonomic nervous system, the HPA Axis and related hormones)
  • Why and how accumulative stress impacts the various body systems creating “dis-ease” and “dis-orders”  
  • The impact your mind / thoughts have on the relief or acceleration of stress-induced symptoms – the mind/body connection
  • What you can program into your iNfinity device for stress reduction and relief

  • Textbook:  Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, M.D.  (to be purchased separately)

ΓΌ This course has now been recorded!   Course includes 4 sessions (hours) of instruction with a power point presentation and student notes.  Cost:  $195.  To order visit:

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