Frequency is an expression of consciousness or energy that allows nature to organize matter, atoms, and subatomic particles into patterns and sacred geometries. Frequency also has the ability to affect the behavior of energy. Because frequency has the ability to affect how matter and energy animate, it can be used to fix the distortions in the energy structure of your body and thus healing it at its core. To read more Click Here

Mr. Jimmie Holman is the primary hub of the Pulsed Technologies design and research team.
Mr. Holman has been exclusively involved, since app. 1969, in proprietary research and development in many areas of highly technical design and documentation, including electronic warfare, electronic surveillance, signal intelligence, exotic signal processing, advanced supercomputer development, exotic signal switching and specialized studies for both domestic and foreign governments and agencies.
While Mr. Holman has been researching resonant frequency technology since the early to mid90s, his 35+ year background in proprietary research and development has made for the logical, systematic development and documentation of the science, taking this technology to areas where it has not been before.
Although Mr. Holman is based in Dallas, Texas, much of the proprietary work is being carried out abroad, specifically in Eastern Europe.

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The universe has always fascinated the human race. For thousands of years man has tried to find answers to these 4 questions: Who are we? where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?. Man has looked to the sky and to the mysterious universe to seek the truth. Through religion and science man has been on the hunt for the answers to these and many other questions.
    Thank you so very much for this amazing Quantum Infinity app.  I LOVE IT !!!

Last June I was attending the American Society of Dowsers Convention in Vermont with friends.  While we were sitting in the auditorium, my friend Mary said she was having chest pains.  As I fumbled to find my phone to call for help, she said “Gayle!  Put me on your machine”. 
What I witnessed was truly a miracle!
Gayle hooked Mary up with wrist bands to her iPad, Quantum Infinity app and she ran the balance program.  Mary’s arm was touching mine on the arm of the chair…  I could literally feel energy come up my arm and across my chest making my heart flutter in a wonderful way.  At that point I knew I needed to know all I could about this amazing device!   
I am a Certified Biofeedback Technician Specialist working with Biofeedback since 2006.  The original EPFX, SCIO and Indigos were very expensive, cumbersome and the education needed to operate them was not only time consuming but added additional expenses. 
It was such a hassle, you don’t want this bouncing around with Luggage in the bottom of a plane when  you travel!
When I saw what the Quantum Infinity app was doing in comparison to my Biofeedback…  I knew I had to purchase it.  This little app works on my iPad and fits safely in my purse! 

I found the Quantum Infinity to be a compliment to my work.  As a Shaman working in the Holistic Spiritual arena, Intuition is very intense.  When I work with a client using the Quantum Infinity, it gives me confirmation for the intuition I am getting each and every time. 

I’ve used it to stop two babies crying on a long flight from Utah to Boston, they were sleeping in 10 minutes and woke when we were landing.   

One client overdid it while cleaning her house and ended up with severe back pain… 10 minutes into the balance, her spasm’s and pain were gone.

Negative energies are easier to clear while using the Quantum Infinity, this truly a compliment to my work.

I could go on and on with details…   Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Kudo’s to the inventors!   Job well done at an affordable price!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Elizabeth Desrochers