Interview With Jimmie Holman and 'What Doctors Don't Tell You'

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Mr. Jimmie Holman is the primary hub of the Pulsed Technologies design and research team.
Mr. Holman has been exclusively involved, since app. 1969, in proprietary research and development in many areas of highly technical design and documentation, including electronic warfare, electronic surveillance, signal intelligence, exotic signal processing, advanced supercomputer development, exotic signal switching and specialized studies for both domestic and foreign governments and agencies.
While Mr. Holman has been researching resonant frequency technology since the early to mid90s, his 35+ year background in proprietary research and development has made for the logical, systematic development and documentation of the science, taking this technology to areas where it has not been before.
Although Mr. Holman is based in Dallas, Texas, much of the proprietary work is being carried out abroad, specifically in Eastern Europe.