Human Studies on the benefits of alkaline water


A Clinical evaluation took place to determine if alkaline ionized water helped with abdominal complaints.
  • Summary: The study evaluated 25 patients with gastrointestinal problems (chronic diarrhea, constipation, abnormal fermentation in intestines, indigestion, acid indigestion, etc.) They were either given alkaline water or clean water to drink.
  • Results: It was confirmed that 88% of the people that drank alkaline ionized water had shown improvements compared to the people that drank clean water.  The studies were for people that suffered from chronic diarrhea, abdominal complaints, etc.
  • Limitation: This study was done on a small group of people (25). Researchers stated that there was no immediate effect from drinking the water. However, researchers noted that alkaline water was most effective for mild symptoms.


Alkaline mineral water lowers bone resorption.
  • Summary: Study examined people who were determined to get sufficient calcium from their diets to find out if alkaline water could reduce the rate of bone loss. The study compared alkaline water to acidic water to see if alkaline water worked better.
  • Results: In calcium sufficiency, the alkaline water led to a significant decrease of PTH and of S- CTX (two important markers of bone loss). The acidic water with did not reduce bone loss.
  • Limitation: In calcium sufficiency, the alkaline water led to a significant decrease of PTH and of S- CTX (two important markers of bone loss). The acidic water with did not reduce bone loss.

Blood Pressure:

Mineral water intake reduces blood pressure among subjects with low urinary magnesium and calcium levels
  • Summary: A study was performed by evaluating natural alkaline mineral water with a pH of 8.7 to see if it reduced blood pressure in people with low magnesium and calcium levels.
  • Results: The results of this study showed that waterborne minerals are a valuable source of nutrient uptake, and can reduce blood pressure in people with calcium and/or magnesium deficiency.
  • Limitation: This study was performed on a small group (20 people) and was short term. Additional studies are needed to confirm the effect of alkaline water on blood pressure

Antioxidant benefits of alkaline water:

Electrolyzed-reduced water protects against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein
  • Summary: Human DNA was subjected to oxidative damage using hydrogen peroxide to simulate the type of damage that free radicals do to DNA in the body.
  • Results: Alkaline water was shown to enhance the antioxidant activity of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
  • Limitation: This result of this study suggests that alkaline water enhances the antioxidant benefit of vitamin C. This effect would need to be tested in humans to confirm this.
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CEM TECH is a handheld instrument that is new to the biofeedback industry. The Cem Tech communicates directly with cells in the body using millimeter wave technique.

CEM TECH has shown to be effective in helping immune system in balancing the normality of its function, increasing micro circulation and balancing the metabolism. It has great success with reducing signs of aging and is effect in aiding and excelling healing time for strokes and brain haemorrhages, while decreasing the healing time for wounds, and bone fractures by 2 – 3 times.

It is used cosmetically to remove warts, skin spots, skin fungus, also bacteria and parasites can be removed. It is very effective in helping aid pain management, such as:  joint pain, muscle pain, migraines, and all around body pain that is causing some discomfort.

The device Antistress CEM TECH is based on modern technology of producing materials with controlled energy structure with use of special semi-conductor crystals. The device Antistress analyzes and blocks pathological electromagnetic radiation which always accompanies illness.

The Cem Tech has no side effects and can be used by anyone.

The Cem Tech is technology that has been been used exclusively in the defensive industry. For years only the most “profound” world research groups have managed to master the many characteristic of the device.

Scalar Wave Laser is the most advanced and versatile Cold Laser Therapy Technology on the market today. 

The Scalar Wave Laser can deliver much needed energy and electrons directly to ailing cells in record time. When ATP, which is the fuel that powers all functions in your body runs low, a vast majority of different systems may suffer. By using the Scalar Wave Laser the needed photons will be delivered to the ailing cells. The Mitochondria in these cells immediately converts photonic energy to ATP which then allows healing and rejuvenations to start.

The Scalar Wave Laser is a holistic therapeutic tool, which is made up of multiple healing technologies all in a compact, portable, hand-held device. It generates powerful coherent healing laser energy from the two most researched and utilized healing laser spectrums, providing a total of 40 mW of Red Laser energy and 40 mW of Infrared Laser energy. It also provides a total of 100 mW of narrow beam Violet LED light healing energy. Meanwhile creating an energized Scalar Wave field, that are sending multiple waves of therapeutic healing energy into the body. The result is a beautiful synthesis of Healing Energies that support the body and mind in dropping down into a parasympathetic nervous system dominant state. The "rest and digest" state, which is most beneficial state for healing.

Voice Analysis not only detects deception and truthfulness, but it is also perceives Inaccuracies, detects a high stress level,  a high thinking level, high excitement, and overall psychological state of the person who's voice is being analyzed. Voice Analysis focuses primarily on trying to analyze brain activity, which is reflected in speech flow. As the vocal mechanism is extremely complex, the brain monitors it very closely. Changes in thought will be reflected in the voice as a slight and localized changes in vocal pattern. When we are excited, we speak faster.  When we think hard, or have a logical conflict, we speak slower because our brain needs more time to think. State of the art Voice-Analysis technology detects and monitors a very wide spectrum of  'Brain Activity States'.  These include excitement, cognitive activity, stress, concentration, confusion, attention, anticipation and in some cases even more complex emotional structures like love.

The Flower of Life is the modern name given to a geometrical figure made up of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles. They are arranged in place to form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry, similar to a hexagon. The center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter.
It is considered by some to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, spiritual value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time.[1][2][3]
The flower of life resembles a healing power. The flower of life is a sacred symbol that symbolizes health in many cultures around the world. 
While wearing a flower of life pendant you are being protected by the negative EMF waves that you encounter while traveling or even going to the grocery store.  It is a trendy symbol that will draw a lot of great positive attention.  Each part of the flower of life resembles an abundance of energy, awareness, health, and sexual creative energy. 

When using the iLife app with the Geo Harness System you are receiving very positive healing back into your body thru the effects of the flower of life pendant that is transcending the energetic waves.

Lets discuss how quantum biofeedback works, lets shed some light on what it is real quick.... Quantum biofeedback is simply a treatment that creates electrical impulses of your body and aligns them. Each treatment is designed to target an area of your body and bring those electrical impulses to that targeted area into harmony.
level of energy and the amount of chemical imbalances within the body.
Quantum biofeedback was invented as a mixture of physics and biology. The idea of the system revolves around healing the body by improving the balance of the electromagnetic impulses your body fires. The treatments are great for adjusting your attitude which helps you heal simply by making you "feel" better. During biofeedback therapy your level of energy as well as the amount of chemical imbalances with the body are being scanned and then compared by normal scanned results. 

Ionized water is water with mineral ions in it. Water in its natural state is full of minerals. Once the minerals in water either gain or lose electrons the water  then becomes ionized.

  • De-ionized water has no minerals in it, such as: distilled water or reverse osmosis.
  • De-ionized water is not in a natural state.

Two Kinds of Ionized Water

Ionized alkaline water is also known as Electrolyzed Reduced Water ..... it has been shown in laboratory settings to reduce the effects of oxidation. Alkaline water has a PH level of  8-10 on a scale where as normal water has a PH of 6-7. 
Ionized acidic water is also known as Electrolyzed Oxidative Water.
Oxidation tap, bottled, carbon filtered, reverse osmosis, and distilled water -- test as "oxidizing" -- you know: theopposite of an antioxidant. Oxidation is the process of "rusting", or the browning of an apple, and -- in your body -- leads to the breakdown of cells. Oxidation has been shown to be the root cause of much degenerative disease.

Alkaline ionized water has a negative charge because it has a surplus of electrons, which have a negative charge. Acidic ionized water has a positive charge because it lacks electrons.

How is Ionized Water Made?

 Home water ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to ionize the minerals in water. The process makes both alkaline and acidic waters at the same time because it depends on a special membrane - called a Bipolar Exchange Membrane - which separates water into alkaline and acidic ionized water.

In-Vitro Study on ionized water to determine if it can reduce oxidative damage to DNA strands which concludes: “Reduced water suppresses single-strand breakage of DNA by active oxygen species produced by the Cu (II)-catalyzed oxidation of ascorbic acid in a dose- dependent manner:
In-Vitro means: In glass, such as a test tube. In vitro experiments are done in glass or plastic vessels in a laboratory. In vitro is the opposite of in vivo. This means this study was not done on humans.
Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis – In-depth explanation of how the Bipolar Ion Exchange membrane used in water Ionizers works:
Description of alkaline ionized water (electrolyzed reduced water) and acidic ionized water (electrolyzed oxidative water) and how water ionizers produce both:
The Voice Analysis Frequencies... Firstly they are not actual voice analysis frequencies however it is the mathematical calculations used to break down the voice and then compare this against the db of various items in the software.

I will go on record and say that our Voice Analysis is probably not the strongest component however we are finding some correlations and it has certainly proved to be beneficial. The challenge with the Quantum Biofeedback Industry is really that every testing mechanism has it's limitations... even if you use traditional biofeedback measurement processes. For example when using GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) the perspiration, equipment and even the skin type will play a role in reading the results. In using electrodes like LIFE System and QXCI, there are many many variables which impact the results.

In summary there is no perfect science out there mainly due to the lack of funding available for Quantum Biofeedback devices and products. If this industry received the attention that it deserves, I think there would be a dramatic improvement across the board which would not only benefit the user but create a higher end more reliable product... Until then you have small coanies like ourselves, continuing with our research and doing the best that we can with the current resources available. On the plus side, most developers seem willing to share their information and resources and this is why you will find the actual frequencies within the iNfinity are based upon the works of some of our pioneers in the industry. So from a scientific medical perspective our Voice Analysis would not get their support however which Quantum Biofeedback product would get their support? What a sad state of affairs.... In the history of Quantum Biofeedback no-one has ever died at the hands of Quantum Biofeedback Technician and yet the FDA releases a drug which kills thousands of people or causes severe side effects...
I somehow got stuck on energetic signature.  I was not able to get out of the screen until i added something.  can you tell me what this is? 
You should insert a positive based affirmation in text in this box and the iNfinity will take this text and convert it to an energetic signature which will superimpose itself on top of each and every balancing session you do.
With the iNfinity App, we take each and every item in the db and break it up into 6 different amplitudes. Our research indicates that a frequency with 6 different amplitudes will actually penetrate the body much deeper. However with the different amplitudes, as the iNfinity cycles through the respective amplitudes or pitches the sounds will go from soft to high. The software the frequencies the higher the amplitude. So as we are cycling through all the different items in the balancing tray it is natural to hear the frequencies go from soft to high as it cycles through the respective items.
For items with a number near zero there is no need for correction/balancing? For large numbers in psychic attack for example, does this mean that there has been psychic attack done on the client or is it measuring fear of psychic attack? And is this the same for dark forces and entities?

When a SCAN is complete, the iNfinity or iLife is looking for the probability or a reaction for the respective tested items. It is then up the technician to apply this information to the clinical context of the client and discuss the results with the client. Relate the clients symptoms, emotions and reactions to the results displayed and ask yourself why the client has reacted to these individual items. In designing the APP, we could not create a "magic bullet effect" that a high number is the considered absolute and correct number. The APP will show the disturbance or probability and then you need to apply your own experience and clinical context. As an option it would be advisable to go to the AURA panel and review the colors there. If there are dark colors around the AURA, then this could imply psychic attack. Equally your client may seem anxious and concerned about psychic attack. In any case as it is a high number, you would want to balance the item regardless as if the client is under psychic attack or has a fear of psychic attack you would want to balance and address that specific issue.
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Couple of things...
Set the timer down to zero and that will run the session indefinitely
The Balance rx and Multi Layer rx Tray are very different in that we see each panel of the program as a different layer/facet of the body. When using the Balance rx, it is designed for balancing items just on that specific page whereas the Multi Layer rx, you can add items from all the panels and then provide balancing at a later date.
Lets visualize this concept:
From the Davinci Screen, you decide to go to Toxicity Panel and run a SCAN.
The highest item in Toxicity Screen is Heavy Metal. You want to balance that now but "sense" this could be causing a host of problem related issue. So you drag to balance rx and balance for 3 mins BUT you also drag to Multi Layer rx tray for use at a later stage.
Now you go to Body Systems and run a SCAN and then see Lymphatic System are stressed and after speaking with client you decide the Lymphatic Stressors is related to the heavy metal toxicity. So now you drag the Lymphatic item to the Multi Layer rx. Next you decide to go to the Risk Panel and run a SCAN. The highest Rick is Degeneration. So now you feel the degeneration is linked to the lymphatic system which is also linked to the Heavy Metal Toxicity. All of these items are in the Multi Layer rx tray, select the timer for 3 mins and now you are balancing all these items in correlation to one another. Does this make sense? Basically the results you get in terms of harmony, alignment and energy flow will now be related to this combination balancing session.

The Geo's should be placed over any specific area where you want to provide localized treatment and balancing. So for example, you have a knee injury, place the Geo's directly over the knee. You want to balance the Brow Chakra, place the Geo's directly on the Brow

For general toning place the Geo's on the inside of the wrists, while for specific brain entrainment place them on either side of the head.
Karen and Ryan Williams

Quantum Technologies -
How does it work?

Lets take a look at quantum science from its beginnings to today and the future.  The word “quantum” is frequently applied to everything that might appear to be new or cutting edge technology. This is not the case for two reasons, firstly because quantum theory is now  almost one hundred years old, and secondly because – when asked – most people who use this word might not be able to explain why they use it.
    Originally the word ‘quantum’ was first applied to mainstream physics by Heisenberg when he discovered that energy is not a continuous stream but in fact consists of tiny packages, which he called quanta. From this discovery, a whole science developed that was called Quantum Theory, and with it arose a lot of misconceptions on what quantum theory is really all about.... Read More Click here

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