Define: Voice Analysis

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Voice Analysis not only detects deception and truthfulness, but it is also perceives Inaccuracies, detects a high stress level,  a high thinking level, high excitement, and overall psychological state of the person who's voice is being analyzed. Voice Analysis focuses primarily on trying to analyze brain activity, which is reflected in speech flow. As the vocal mechanism is extremely complex, the brain monitors it very closely. Changes in thought will be reflected in the voice as a slight and localized changes in vocal pattern. When we are excited, we speak faster.  When we think hard, or have a logical conflict, we speak slower because our brain needs more time to think. State of the art Voice-Analysis technology detects and monitors a very wide spectrum of  'Brain Activity States'.  These include excitement, cognitive activity, stress, concentration, confusion, attention, anticipation and in some cases even more complex emotional structures like love.