Scalar Wave Laser

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Scalar Wave Laser is the most advanced and versatile Cold Laser Therapy Technology on the market today. 

The Scalar Wave Laser can deliver much needed energy and electrons directly to ailing cells in record time. When ATP, which is the fuel that powers all functions in your body runs low, a vast majority of different systems may suffer. By using the Scalar Wave Laser the needed photons will be delivered to the ailing cells. The Mitochondria in these cells immediately converts photonic energy to ATP which then allows healing and rejuvenations to start.

The Scalar Wave Laser is a holistic therapeutic tool, which is made up of multiple healing technologies all in a compact, portable, hand-held device. It generates powerful coherent healing laser energy from the two most researched and utilized healing laser spectrums, providing a total of 40 mW of Red Laser energy and 40 mW of Infrared Laser energy. It also provides a total of 100 mW of narrow beam Violet LED light healing energy. Meanwhile creating an energized Scalar Wave field, that are sending multiple waves of therapeutic healing energy into the body. The result is a beautiful synthesis of Healing Energies that support the body and mind in dropping down into a parasympathetic nervous system dominant state. The "rest and digest" state, which is most beneficial state for healing.