New Ebola Virus Panels for your App


The Ebola Virus

FREE Video and 3 FREE Panels
with compliments of Dr. Ariel Policano

Dr. Policano has spent some tremendous time developing this much needed information and we want to make this available to everyone.

So this is what we would like to offer ALL of you:

1: If you purchase the APP now via this promotion link, then we will gift you these panels and VIDEO FREE ~ As an EXTRA BONUS!

2: If you are a current owner then all we ask is that you send us a nice cool written testimonial or post a testimonial on our FaceBook page here:

Quick Disclaimer:
This is not a cure or any nonsense like that against Ebola. These panels and information are designed to help support and strengthen your body to help raise your immune system!


Unknown said...

Thank you all for being ahead of the game and being generous with your knowledge and expertise at a time when people are emotionally in need. A strong immune system will be our best defence against any of these threats.
John D. Sargent,
EduK,TFH, CNM,CBS, QBiofeedback Diplomat


I was so amazed when I opened my e-mail to see this Ebola panel..marvelous..we have the best to help anyone,anywhere right from the comfort of our homes. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful work you are all doing.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this new app! I am amazed with the products produced by this company ... Because, so far, the feelings, vibrations, frequencies that flow through my body .. Indicate that something is truly happening, With every product, my body says "yea or nay" and so far .. I've gotten all "yea's." With all the new viruses, diseases, etc coming out .. we had better take charge of our immune systems!
And it looks like Quantum Infinity is right on top of it. Thank you
Judy Lavine

david said...

I'm very glad to use each day quantum life app and thank you for your work and development in ebola subject.
French user

Unknown said...

I live in Milano and I've been working with this APP since dec. 2013. After 3 weeks, during Xmas, I visited my brother. His wife was accusing a strong and extended pain on the left side of the body especially in the leg and even by night resting was hard. I tried my very first quantum therapy with her. About half an hour later, a big pain on the left side of her face made her scream but at the same time the pain stop. She was happy, I was shocked and surprised... The APP worked indeed. I contacted Ryan and we started the Italian Project. The APP is now available in Italian together with the Operational Manual and I am now working on the marketing aspects. I'm also training 6 operators and, also thanks to Dr. Ariel Policano courses (and her very clear and understandable english even to italians), I learned a lot more. My sister-in-law is still fine and happy. I'm still surprised of the enormous possibilities given by the APP. Thanks to everybody.