Voice Analysis Details

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The Voice Analysis Frequencies... Firstly they are not actual voice analysis frequencies however it is the mathematical calculations used to break down the voice and then compare this against the db of various items in the software.

I will go on record and say that our Voice Analysis is probably not the strongest component however we are finding some correlations and it has certainly proved to be beneficial. The challenge with the Quantum Biofeedback Industry is really that every testing mechanism has it's limitations... even if you use traditional biofeedback measurement processes. For example when using GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) the perspiration, equipment and even the skin type will play a role in reading the results. In using electrodes like LIFE System and QXCI, there are many many variables which impact the results.

In summary there is no perfect science out there mainly due to the lack of funding available for Quantum Biofeedback devices and products. If this industry received the attention that it deserves, I think there would be a dramatic improvement across the board which would not only benefit the user but create a higher end more reliable product... Until then you have small coanies like ourselves, continuing with our research and doing the best that we can with the current resources available. On the plus side, most developers seem willing to share their information and resources and this is why you will find the actual frequencies within the iNfinity are based upon the works of some of our pioneers in the industry. So from a scientific medical perspective our Voice Analysis would not get their support however which Quantum Biofeedback product would get their support? What a sad state of affairs.... In the history of Quantum Biofeedback no-one has ever died at the hands of Quantum Biofeedback Technician and yet the FDA releases a drug which kills thousands of people or causes severe side effects...