Quantum Biofeedback Community Frustrations

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We have received many calls and emails from our old Quantum Users about the politics within the Quantum Industry. Firstly, we want to ensure all of our Quantum iLife/iNfinity users, that you are all very far removed from this. In 2003, we saw the direction of what some of the companies we were involved with were taking and this did not resonate with us at all. We made the bold decision to break away from the "fold" and suffered years of threats and law suits. However we stood our ground and give thanks everyday for the hard decision we felt called to make. Well fast forward a few years and this industry we left is going through utter turmoil. While this does not directly impact our business, it has had a tremendous impact of many of our close friends and fellow practitioners. This saddens us and our thoughts and prayers are sent to the Quantum Biofeedback Community at large. Without getting into the politics, some of the original pioneers in the Quantum Industry have adopted a "god or angel" type of behavior and apart from forgetting who actually gave them the opportunity in the first place, they are now holding practitioners over a barrel financially causing unnecessary angst and pain. It is so sad, how some individuals, especially those "at the top" forget that without the practitioners supporting their product, they would have nothing. It never ceases to amaze me how some individuals forget about gratitude, once a certain level of success is achieved.

While we are outsiders and not privy to the daily antics it further strengthens our belief in our Quantum iLIfe/iNfinity Biofeedback Apps: http://www.quantum-life.com/quantumILife.html

We are certain sanity will prevail and the Quantum Practitioners will take back what rightfully belongs to them