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Certified Stress Management Technician (CSMT) andCertified Stress Management Specialist (CSMS)

If you are a practitioner using the iNfinity app biofeedback system, you can now earn NTCB certification through Integrity Biofeedback Academy!   As you may know, we (IBA) designed a diploma program to facilitate basic training in stress management and energetic healing intervention.  Now with a bit more course work and internship hours, YOU CAN NOW BE CERTIFIED!

The diploma program and the certification program go hand in hand.   If you purchased the iNfinity for personal use, the diploma program would be an excellent place to begin!  

If within a year you decide to “upgrade” your education, perhaps because you want to open up a practice or add the iNfinity to an existing practice, all the courses you have taken in the diploma program can be transferred into the certification program!

If you are an iNfinity integrative practitioner, you can begin the NTCB certification program through IBA NOW!

Courses all about the physiological effects of stress and techniques for stress reduction, principles of energetic healing intervention, basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to stress, and knowing how and why the iNfinity works according to the latest research so you can explain it to others, will give you a foundation no matter what goals you have with your device.  Since ALL disease and disorders begin with emotional stress, doesn’t it make sense to begin with learning how to use your iNfinity app for stress reduction?! 

If you would like information about either educational program, and/or about Integrity Biofeedback Academy and the Natural Therapies Certification Board, click on the e-mail link below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We continue to work hard to bring you the best education and validation that what you are doing with the iNfinity is phenomenally important!   Do you know the potential of the device you hold in your hands?   Let us help you discover the INFINITE possibilities of quantum energy healing!

For more information:  balanceyourstress@comcast.net or call 239-221-8977