What Is Energy Medicine Telling Us?

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In the field of physics, Popp and his colleagues constructed a device which measured the electromagnetic energy radiating from body cells. They showed that each and every cell of the body possessed a resonant frequency of emitted electromagnetic waves, and each was capable of communicating with other cells using many different wavelengths.

Understanding the profound healing implications of all these developments, Morrell introduced bioelectric input signals to the body, which then processed the signals and transmitted outputs that differed discernibly depending upon whether they had passed through healthy or unhealthy tissues and organs. Healthy improvements were found to have occurred when the pathogenic signal was inverted and fed back.

Hulda Clark, refining the earlier work of Rife on cellular resonance, was able to identify specific resonant frequencies of a broad variety of pathogens including moulds, bacteria, worms, mites and other parasites and develop other frequencies that would actually break down the cell walls of these parasites, thereby destroying them.

Embodying this already accepted technological breakthrough, coupled with the tremendous advancements in the computer industry, various pioneers began developing computer based stress detection systems. Computerized stress detection and “body scanning” devices have occupied the biofeedback industry for well over 30 years.

These devices would record subtle, “reactive,” information “stress potentials” provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The computer would then evaluate such responses, and then challenge the body’s own natural defence mechanisms by encouraging energetic balance and harmony.

So successful were these devices, thousands and thousands of practitioners adopted this new modality and so the industry of Quantum Biofeedback was born. These non-invasive Quantum Biofeedback devices combined the elements of biofeedback, Rife technology, stress reduction, homeopathic medicine, electro acupuncture, computer technology and quantum physics offering the practitioner insights into their clients current state-of-health never seen before!