CAMUnity Group

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Strange but true.... For the first time in history a group of core Quantum Biofeedback leaders have put aside their personal differences and come together to form CAMUnity Group. This is something we wholeheartedly support and encourage everyone's involvement! In a nutshell, all our businesses and activities will remain separate however CAMUnity has created a vehicle where there is a common ground upon which we can all communicate.

The Quantum Industry has been very fragmented and these core individuals believe in YOU. Together we can begin to restore Quantum Biofeedback back to where t belongs ~ As the leaders in the CAM Industry! get involved now! Click here
CAMunity Group is network of Complementary and Alternative Medicine industry leaders, health practitioners, and light workers inspired by the vision of a new paradigm in business and community. The group shares a common goal of the extraordinary possibility that business and community, built upon strong core values, is not only possible, it is essential.
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Gratitude
  • Co-Creation
  • Prosperity
  • Love
When practicing these core values…
Community grows stronger and new possibilities for positive change, sustainable growth, prosperity, and consciousness emerge. Learn more click here