Voice Analysis Details

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A cornerstone of The Quantum iLIfe/iNfinity rests within the realm of sound research. Everything is a frequency, all resonating at varying speeds. We know that electrons are always moving and vibrating which means that everything on the physical, mental & emotional realm is in a constant state of vibration. 

This leads us to conclude that all matter, including herbs, pharmaceuticals, and even food, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients could be examined from a frequency perspective. This theory is called Bio-Resonance and is based upon Energy Medicine principles. 

Using the principles of Energy Medicine, to help balance the human bio-field, you would need to alter the frequency patterns of the individual by means of light, sound or even at an electro-magnetic level. Sound frequency therefore offers much information about the human bio-field ~ that we are just beginning to understand!

The evidence of sound research indicates that your unique energetic voice pattern can be a great indicator to your own health and vitality or vital force!
According to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, among others, the voice is not able to reproduce what the ear cannot hear. Perhaps the ear cannot hear what the brain cannot generate. There is evidence that the brain, in addition to being a master chemist, is a very complex tone generator and commands the systems of the body through frequency.

Just think of how sound impacts our daily lives?
Clinical research has validated that listening to classical music may improve your I.Q. Moms to be are wise to play soothing classical music to their new borns! Music, chanting and drumming all support the notion of how sound can alter our well being. Equally, surrounding yourself with someone who is depressed versus someone who is upbeat may also shift your current state-of-health. We now know that your voice may change according to your mind, body & spiritual state of being!

As the brain produces specific wave form patterns, so does your voice produce a very complex wave form pattern which may contain a great deal of frequency information!

The Quantum iLife/iNfinity Process is safe, gentle and non-invasive....
It begins with the client entering their personal details (name, date of birth) into the Quantum iLife/iNfinity App and then having the client speak into the mobile device. The client will repeat the following statement: “A-E-I-O-U followed by a positive based statement” Your mobile device will record the clients file as a complex wave pattern. Once the wave pattern has been recorded, mathematical calculations and algorithms are applied to this voice signature to enable data analysis. A Fast Fourier algorithm is further applied to simplify the wave pattern.

This audio wave form is then compared against a myriad of energetic signatures or frequencies ranging from herbs, toxins, virus,s bacteria's, toxins and more. Depending on how the voice responds or resonates with the various energetic signatures may determine the bodies response to these items. The testing process is similar to that of a traditional stress test; whereby the client is stressed and their reaction to this individual stressor is monitored. In the exact same way, the voice wave file will be stressed by the respective energetic frequencies or signatures and their responses will be recorded and tabulated in easy to view charts and graphs. If these stressors are not resolved, symptoms may appear. Imbalances usually begin at the cell level, progress to tissue and organ level, and may involve whole systems.

Once these stressors have been identified, the practitioner is now able to introduce frequencies consonant with a non-stressed physical and emotional environment. These frequencies can be in the form of recommended homeopathic solutions, electro-acupuncture or meridian & naturopathic balancing.