VSG - VitaSet Generator

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Known primarily as a premier global manufacturer of resonant frequency and precision pulsed plasma instruments for personal and professional research applications, Pulsed Technologies is very pleased to make the modern VitaSet Generator available for public research, experimentation and use.
Inspired by a “cold war” electronic countermeasure technology of the same name, Pulsed Technologies has vastly expanded the capabilities of the device to address today’s increased issues and needs. The original VitaSet was intended to supplement diplomatic agents’ access to the single Schumann Resonance in an environment of intentional disruptive technology.  Many of the body’s metabolic functions appear to rely heavily on access to these natural timing signals. Unfortunately, today’s “normal” environment is actually far worse than what was being addressed those many decades ago.
One of the most common of complaints practitioners’ report of their clients is sleep deprivation or not getting to the stages of deep delta sleep, a stage where regeneration and repair are supposed to occur.
After a decade-long study by PulsedTech Research, it was realized and agreed the original basic methodology was valid, but vastly expanded capabilities using modern technology and components were needed to address today’s more complex environment. Besides the needed access to the primary Schumann resonance, Pulsed Tech’s VSG utilizes DDS, Direct Digital Synthesis, to provide precision access to all five of the primary Schumann frequencies in “daytime mode”.
More importantly, to address sleep related issues, PulsedTech’s VSG provides an entrainment technology via the “nighttime mode” to assist the user reach that ideal deep delta sleep state so important to natural health and mental well-being.  The combination of these feature’s incorporated within the PulsedTech instruments help provide the user capabilities far beyond the scope of other seemingly similar devices.
To better understand the problems, symptoms, history, and solutions, please ask your knowledgeable practitioner and feel free to review the following FREE publications available at the PulsedTechResearch.com website: