Quantum iLife & iNfinity Software Updates

Quantum iNfinity IOS 13.5.1 : 


Fixed Crash Reports
Changed the Avatar Settings
Fixed Minor Bugs
Changed font color for Harmony, Alignment & Energy Flow
Includes FREE 15 Day trial demo:
To download your FREE demo download the APP and complete the form to activate your 15 day trial
Add extra Activation support
Added Quanta Capsule
Added Avatar settings
Fixed some bugs
Added new training materials and navigational flow
Fixed the Results when settings set to zero 0
As of Jan 28th
Improved functionality, fixed customized bug, fixed cross analysis bug, fixed Balance Rx bug
Fixed minor bugs
You have the option to change the splash screen from the whispy smoke back to the original static page.
Fixed MEP bug
Version 12.0.5 Now Available For Download!
Improved MEP functions
Fixed Internal Volume Control
MEP now offers 0 timer scale
Fixed Balance rx and MutiLayer Rx issues
Improved the import/export via Dropbox
Internal Volume Control: Under settings you can manually adjust the Volume Control of your app
Now iOS 8.2 Compatible
Improved Italian Translation
Improved Harmony Alignment and Energy Flow Algorithms
Fixed Battery Drain Issue
Improve Rectification values
Improved Harmony Alignment and Energy Flow Algorithms

ANDROID 4.0 : 


Added quick tutorial, Walkthrough
Added Quanta Capsule
Added Active Quanta Capsule
MEP features improves
Recheck functionality improved
Allow for unlimited balancing time with the MEP
Fixed some minor bugs
Includes the Re-Check Option
Includes Multi Element Phase or MEP
Improved Voice algorithms
Fixed minor bugs and wire frame layouts

If you are unsure of the correct link then please call Quantum Life toll free on 877.711.3233 and we will guide you through the simple process step by step.


Unknown said...

Good morning. I have an ipad 3rd generation and an ipad mini and i have installed the quantum infinity app version 1.0 which i have bougth from the Apple app store on both devices. Can i upgrade to the most recent version also on both devices? Thank you.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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shortdogs said...

I have the Quantum iNfinity app for Android - version 10.3.10

Is this the most recent version?



Quantum Life said...

Here is the update Android link: https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/a94620525846bd9d11d7ca4307d987a4/app_versions/89