iOS Support Upgrading from Version 13.5.15 to 14.0 and Above with iOS 9.0 Issues

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Apple released their Operating System iOS 9.0 in October 2015 and as a result developers were expected to make some major changes to their apps. This document outlines how to upgrade from Version 13.5.14 to the newver Version 14.0 and above.

Basically you will be required to delete the app completely and then reinstall the newer iLife/iNifnity Version, however before you do this you need to back up your entire database. If you are not concerned about losing your client files and customize panels, you may delete the current app and reinstall the app fresh using this link: 

If you encounter this error message that the Quantum Life Apps need to be verified.
On your device, select the settings icon>general>scroll all the way down until you see the "Profiles"
Select the Profiles and tap on the Quantum Life LLC profile and select Trust.
Then return to your app and it should open immediately.

Step By Step Instructions
On your device, locate the Dropbox App that you have downloaded from the App Store.

1: Open the Dropbox App
2: In the bottom left hand side of the app, select Settings
3: Scroll all the way down and select Sign Out From Dropbox.
4: Once you have signed out, sign back in again using your personal Dropbox Account Details.
5: Tap your device Home button to return back to you desktop.

Now Open The Current iLife/iNfinity App
1: Proceed to the Customize Panel (swirly icon on your desktop)
2: Do you want to add new items? Select YES
3: Tap on any persons name
4: Select the Import button as if you are going to import a list from someone
5: Under New Category Name enter ABC
6: Select OK. Dropbox will now open. Review these details and ensure your personal dropbox details are listed here.
7: Once this is confirmed, Select Allow. There will be an error message saying the import failed. Select OK. This is done to ensure that you are connected to your personal dropbox account.
8: Select Back and return to your Client Records Screen.
9: Click on the "BackUp" option. Follow the prompts to ensure your database is correctly backed up and a success message appears.

Then using your computer, login to Account via the Internet.
1: Located the folder called Apps
2: Click on the folder called QuantiumLife
3: Confirm your database back up file is visible and that the date it was updated is correct.

Once you have confirmed the Database file is now backed up and securely on your Dropbox Account, proceed to delete the current iLife/iNfinity App.

Once this is deleted, then install the latest update using this link:

Once installed, go to the Client Records page and select the "Restore" and follow the prompts.