Dr. John Char: Boosting the Immune System, Slowing Down Aging and Preventing Disease

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 Immunity & Anti Aging
Tues: Feb 15th
5pm PST     8pm EST
 Boosting the Immune System, Slowing Down Aging and Preventing Disease

The most common afflictions associated with normal aging are atherosclerosis, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  Serious infections, cancers and inflammatory diseases are among the leading causes of premature death in older adults.

Doctors today respond to immune senescence by treating each disease or condition separately.  This approach fails to correct a major underlying mechanism behind both disease and the aging process, and leaves us waiting for the next health problem to manifest.  These disorders all arise from a common cause: the aging of the immune system.  In people over the age of 65, the top causes of death include pneumonia, influenza, and sepsis (systemic inflammation caused by severe infection). Immune senescence is a major cause of all these maladies.  It occurs when our aging immune system fails to protect against cancers/infection and instead generates excess inflammatory reactions that attack every cell in the body.  What virtually no one understands is how aging accelerates immune decline and what must be done to reverse this lethal trend.

This has been an incredible year of scientific achievement. The Immune System and Anti-aging Categories developed for the Quantum Infinity Pro were designed to help extend the health spans of older people: by staving off the aging process while remaining relatively free of diseases.  The primary intent of the Quantum Infinity Pro Immune and Anti-aging Categories are to produce an assessment protocol to determine areas of vulnerability and to specify a validated way to stave off diseases, aging, and death.  Our goal is to gain insights into what causes people to die early - people who otherwise take exceptionally good care of themselves.

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