Version 11.3 Software Update

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Quantum iLife/iNfinity
Version 11.3 Software Update

Some exciting features to look forward to with The Quantum iLife/iNfinity Version 11.3 Update

1: Database Backup: Under the client records list, there is a new button called backup. By selecting this option, you will backup your entire database including all the items from the customize panel to your own personal Dropbox account. It is VERY important that before you select this option, your own personal Dropbox account is linked to your current device. In other words, you will need to unlink the Dropbox account and link your own personal Dropbox account before you backup your database. Once this is securely backed up, anytime you install Version 11.3 and later versions on any device you will be prompted (only once after installation) if you wish to load your backup database? If you select yes and your Dropbox is configured it is a one step process.

2: We have cleaned up the text during the download & registration process to ensure better instructions. We have also removed the word 'AuraApp" from the email form as we have found this to be confusing as well as now offering FREE basic orientation with their FREE trial download! Yes! You heard correct... Anyone who downloads the FREE trial can schedule a FREE 30 minute orientation with one of our trainers.  If you would like to download a FREE trial please click on the link below
3: We have also fixed the issue of no rectifications when the timer is set to ZERO (0)

4: We have made significant improvements for the Italian and French languages 

There have been some reports about the items not removing themselves from the Balance Rx Tray. It was requested by a client that we keep this.... Please share your thoughts and let us know?

Over the last 2 months we have released 3 times as many Android Updates as we have iOS. The most current update can be found here:
This is Version 10.3.11
Some exciting features to look forward to:

1: Complete new Graphic Scree Resolution
We redesigned the Android App to ensure that The Quantum iLife/iNfinity would look gorgeous on all native screen resolutions. It took a good few months but we have finally achieved that!

2: Nexus and Kindle Fire
There is a saying that you get what you buy! To be frank we have had a tremendous amount of issues with the Nexus and Kindle Fire Tablets. Typically as these are the lower end tablets, operating stability is not the best. None the less, our engineers have worked very hard to combat such issues and we are proud to announce that we seem to have this nailed... well for now at least!

3: Aura SCAN Image
We have also fixed this bug and made the image much larger.

Please continue to report to us any potential features and or bugs you may stumble across. Remember without such critical feedback from users like yourself we would not be where we are today!