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All About Puerto Vallarta As our 2nd Annual L.I.F.E. Symposium is fast approaching we have decided to dedicate this months newsletter to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Everything you need to know about the most prestigious L.I.F.E. Training will be found in this month's newsletter.
CBT Certification/Advanced TrainingMeet The Presenters
Conference Dates:Basic Training: Dec 2nd 2006 Advanced Training/ CBT: Dec 3rd, 4th & 5th 2006

We have some provisional costs on flights for you: These are only estimates and prices are not guaranteed.In our LIFE community, there are two ways to accomplish this goal


LAX$410 USD roundtrip
Florida Miami$476 USD roundtrip
Michigan Grand Rapids$680 USD roundtrip
New York JFK$490 USD roundtrip
Atlanta$500 USD roundtrip

We have simply The BEST LIFE System Practitioners from around the world sharing their insights with The .The following presenters look forward to sharing their insights with you.Chris Keser: Developer Of The LIFE System Mike Slivinski: Developer Of The LIFE System Dr. Randy MacCreary Dr. Sherry Greenberg Dr. Linda Henderson Dr. Paul Henderson Dr. Thornton Streeter Dr. Nick Arrizza Dr. Robin Maecy Helene Silver Gayla Erickson C.B.T. April Dangerfield C.B.T. Michael Dangerfield Great News: Our schedule is going to be "LIFE~d" up with more LIFE Training than before as we have decided to not present Sanum Remedies at our 2nd International LIFE Symposium. Time is precious at these events and we want you to get the best LIFE Specific Training possible. So yes you will not see Sanum at our event (perhaps next time) but you will see a lot more LIFE Specific Training! smile

The Vallarta Palace is an all inclusive resort. The cost includes all gratuities, taxes, meals and drinks as well as airport transfers.
5 Nights Accommodation(incl all meals drinks and airport transfers) $699 USD per person double occupancy
4 Nights Accommodation (incl all meals drinks and airport transfers)$575 USD per person double occupancy

Seminar Registration:If you register before September 10th 2006 the cost for the Seminar is only $347 USD per person. If you register after September 10th this is increased to $415 USD. Please call Tamara Boreman on 1 800 795 0031 Ext: 2 to register!


Early Bird is extended until the end of September. Space is limited so you need to register early. There are some great rooms available for the same price to the lucky few who register early. Ocean Views and double jacuzzi's awit all of you.


To view our draft schedule please
click here.As we still have some months to go before the actual event small modifications may be made without prior notice. Please check back often.
CBT Certification/Advanced Training

CBT Certification Explained

Please note the following:

If you attend Puerto Vallarta the following benefits are an extra bonus: You receive the required Basic Training of 1 day. Basic training is typically 2 days and your second day will be provided through Telephone and Webinar Support and the superior training materials offered through Quantum Life and CIHS.

CBT certification is available through CIHS: We have worked meticulously with CIHS to ensure all the units and credits are obtainable for your CBT in Puerto Vallarta. This means that by attending our Puerto Vallarta Symposium you will be eligible for the CBT certification by attending the lectures.

Meet The Presenters

To learn more about your presenters
Chris Keser and Mike Slivinski: Living information Systems Chris and Mike have been committed to creating a bioenergetic device unparalleled in today’s market place. With the release of the new much anticipated hardware upgrade The LIFE System looks forward to the future. Join us and see what all the fuss is about.
Dr. Randy McCreary: He has developed an exciting new approach to Mind, Spirit, and Body wellness. This approach emphasizes personal attention to values, holistic balance and systemic integrity within each individual. # Dr.McCreary has created and laid the foundations for more than fifteen (15) research projects within the fields of Neurotherapy, Subtle Energies, and Behavioral Change. In combination with other internationally renown researchers, he is poised to bring national attention to the Neurotherapeutic Approach for the wellness of the Mind, Spirit, and Body.
Dr.Linda and Paul Henderson: Basic Training and Navigation. Dr. Linda Henderson is one of the foremost Basic Trainers. Her goal is to ensure that all programs are understood by the practitioner. With a wealth of understanding about Quantum Biology Dr. Henderson incorporates her understanding of Quantum Biology into her Basic Training A basic training certificate of completion will be issued upon completion. Dr.Paul Henderson together with his wife Dr. Linda Henderson own and operate The College For International Holistic Studies CIHS. Dr. Paul Henderson will be sharing is insights into how to use The LIFE System acupuncture program. As an astute acupuncturist you can expect to learn some great tips and tricks!
April Dangerfield C.B.T. and Michael DangerfieldAs one of our first LIFE System Practitioners April has built a very successful practice in Cardiff California. She offers support to our practitioner base and is well versed in the field of Quantum Mechanics.
Together with her husband Michael Dangerfield they challenge each other with their understanding of Quantum Theory. Michael Dangerfield: What the bleep @#$%^& do we know about Metaspace and how do we explain it! Too many of you have asked for an explanation on this hot topic! April will be working with Dr. Linda Henderson with the basic Training.
Dr.Thornton Streeter: Where Science meets Spirit. See how The LIFE System affects the human biofield.

Dr Thornton WJA Streeter, D. Sc. BRCP, has been working in holistic health for over 15 years having trained as a therapist with electro-crystal therapy, and with the Bio-meridian BEST system. He is a professor teaching Energy Medicine at the Holistic Health department of the Zoroastrian College in Mumbai, India, where he lives most of the year with his wife and daughter. He heads the research team at CHEFR in both Pune, India, at the World Peace Centre, which holds one of only two UNESCO chairs, and also at the HQ in Exeter UK.

Dr.Sherry Greenberg: Live Case Studies: The Notch Above. See why Dr. Greenberg has been I practice for over 15 years and never had to advertise other than through word of mouth. Nutrition, detox and emotional profiling will be discussed!

Gayla Erickson CBT: From zero to hero. Marketing your practice! Gayla Erickson based in Washington has been one of the longest Quantum life Practitioners working with Quantum Life. Over the years we have witnessed her ability to transform her life and those around her. From humble beginnings

Dr.Nick Arrizza: BASc, M.D., RCC is an Energy Psychiatrist, Author, Energy and Stress researcher, Speaker, Seminar leader, Performance and Success Coach.

The Mind Resonance Project with The L.I.F.E. System (a must see) The Mind Resonance Process is a new tool that brings your divine self fully back into your physical body thereby helping you to heal at every level

 Dr.Robin Masci: Left brain/right brain dominance. Frequency healing and addictions


Helene Silver: Rejuvenation, detox and practice building also including a bonus of how to get returning clients! I have been a holistic health educator, nutritionist, and alternative health professional for approximately thirty years. I received my educational training at UCLA and taught in the Oakland Public Schools from 1968-1976. While teaching school, I found the changes in behavior of children before and after lunch alarming. I set out to discover the role that food might play in this phenomenon and began studying holistic health and nutrition at the University of California at Berkeley and Antioch University.