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Expect a few Updates For Your Quantum Infinity in the next coming weeks! 
* This update includes the 3D Scan Fix!

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Step 1. Make sure your software updates are in fact up to date.

Step 2. Make sure you are connected to wifi.
Step 3. Make sure you open your existing version and BACK UP (locate this on the bottom of the client records page)

Step 5. Wait patiently for your icon to load before opening.
Step 6. Happy Balancing 😄
Quantum Life's Weekly Offers
  •  Over 25 graphics
  •  All embedded with powerful mantras and prayers
  •  Powerful 3D graphics
  •  High end 3D graphics of the human body and more
  •  Graphics encoded with powerful mantras and prayers
  •  A Major Software Upgrade
  •  Improves balancing sessions.
  •  Explore the body with 3D graphics
  •  Stimulates The Visual Healing Capability
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Dr Lou's Custom Panel to assist in supporting the body in dealing with Inflammation.  This is a free panel for all who provide us with a testimonial for Dr Lou's Custom Panels.
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Dr Lou's Custom Panel to assist in supporting healthy brain function.
Normally $67 Only $49
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Dr Lou's Custom Panel to assist in supporting healthy digestion.
Normally $67 Only $49
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According to recent studies, the prevalence of food allergies has been increasing.
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Dr Lou Panel's Testimonials

Vicki T:
In March 2020,  I was in critical situation, emergency twice, hospitalized and nursing home for 2 weeks afterward.  In the nursing home,  people with mental issues screaming thru the night... I couldn’t sleep or rest.
God saved me and helps me, sustaining with the Quantum iNfinity and Rife App.  Otherwise,  I wouldn’t be here...God continues to save and help me recovering with your awesome custom panels!

I have been a Quantum-Life user for quite a few years now and am very happy with the results it provides.
While I’m not where I want to be yet, with continued use I’m confident I’ll reach the level of health I’m seeking. (after being thoroughly disillusioned with our mainstream medical system).

Pam E:
I am new to the Quantum Infinity but It has changed my life in the best way possible! I know some people are skeptical yet I am a firm believer!  I have used the Energy panel to give myself the energy to get through a long day at work and I feel like the energizer bunny!  I just keep going without getting tired when I use the Dr. Lou's energy panel!
I have also used Dr. Lou's sleep panel, I was a person that could not stay asleep at night and would wake up at 12 or 1:00 and could not fall back to sleep.  I mentioned this to Dr. Lou and he created the sleep panel and boy does it work!  Whoo finally some sleep!  I also have used the digestion panel since I have a gallbladder that doesn't want to work so well and it really helps me process the food better and I don't feel as sick in the tummy after eating!  I really enjoy Tonya's talks on Tuesday explaining all of the panels and how they work together and really get to the real problems you are having!  Tonya's amazing with all of her knowledge with the oils, Dr. Lou is awesome with his knowledge from the medical side, and Karen is just soo knowledge and supportive on everything!  This is a wonderful company and team of great people!  Feeling very blessed to have found them!

The Quantum Infinity works great! Thanks to Karen for developing this wonderful Biofeedback tool to help us regain balance and alignment in our bodies. I have learned so much from the Quantum classes taught by Tonya, TanktheNurse on how to run the different panels in very beneficial ways. And thanks also to Dr Lou for teaching us on Frequency Fridays and offering free panels each week. I have been having persistent digestive problems since having my gallbladder removed and his Digestive Support Panel has truly helped me so much! The Quantum Infinity App will change your life!! TM
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