Trainings, Trainings and our New Diploma Certification Based Training Program

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From Suzan Covington who conducts her weekly basic training class each and every Wednesday, to Dr. Ariel Policano and Dr. John Char who offer our users advanced protocol based training and to our newly appointed Diploma Certification based program now in full swing with Integrity Biofeedback hosted by Sharron Oyer and Brenda Judah, we are absolutely thrilled to have such a high standard of instructors around us.

We recognize the need for excellent training standards and with this in mind, not only do we have the best instructors in the world our new and improved Web Portal better supports our vision and mission.
Register for FREE and access ALL archived training and support video's. Please note that there may be a fee for some of the archived video's, especially for the advanced training offered via Dr. John Char and Dr. Ariel Policano.
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